does listening to power/death metal cause - bands like dimmu borgir,children of bodom,cradle of filth....?

....Does your mind to become rotten and aggresive?does anybody have an experience of any sort ????

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    im sorry but this statement is ridiculous. i have been a metal fan for 10 years, and have listened to bands like that throughout the time, and my mind is more sane than 90% of those around me, who care about nothing but material culture, fame, money, women, just.... pathetic things, there is SO much more to life.

    if you ask me, its much more detrimental to society when rap songs talk about using guns on ppl, treating women like objects, stealing cars an money, beating ppl up, and everything that is wrong with society today, one famous rapper has a cd called, "get rich or die trying"... that is a more negative message than any metal band, metal bands write about themes, whereas these rappers believe, and live their pathetic lives by what they "write", if you could even call it writing.

    metal inspires ppl to play instruments actually have TALENT, popular media evokes greed, sexism, material obsession and violence, if you ask me all that rap and hip hop has slowly but surely rotted the minds of a large percentage of american youth already, and will continue to do so.... in stark contrast, many metal fans believe in honour, having fun, loyalty to friends and appreciating the musicianship and writing skill of some of the biggest metal bands.... i have known alot of rap and hip hop fans, and alot of metalheads. and i can tell you first hand, that the rappers are not half the ppl.... my opinion.

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    Definitely not. If you carry those ideas within yourself already, it may help them surface, but it can't "rot mind" or spoil it or make you evil. It's just music, come on!

    You are the one in charge of your mind and in control of your actions, and nothing can change that.

    People who blame metal for stuff like violence and killing are ridiculous. This is like saying that everyone who listens to church preaches will be very good and never commit a sin - guess what, the majority of murderers are highly religious.

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    For me metal music is a very unique music that ever exist in this world. I have been a metal music fan for almost 20 years. This music is really my breath, i can't live without it. And after all these times, there is nothing change with me. Especially my attitude, i live my life as a normal person, i have a family, i have a child now. And metal music still my music.

    One thing that i love about metal music is its never tell you lies. Its told you what it is. Bands in this genre express what they see, what the fell and what they believe through their music, they express it without any lies, they tell what they like or what they hate.

  • 3 years ago

    properly I somewhat have been listening to power/dying steel for years now and that i'm so rotten and aggressive that i very own my own company possibly that's why i'm doing so properly? in basic terms look back in 70s whilst people mentioned to purchase up all of KISS albums reason they are (Knights in devil service)so people did to have a huge burn pile at protests.they did no longer care if people burned them reason they have been being rewarding$$$$ and that they wasn't even devil worshipers they have been a no longer difficulty-free and heavy band with a sturdy coach plus a working gimmick that caught all people by ability of supprise to make billions so if the music which you likes places a tension on your existence to prevail how would desire to that's seen rotten?

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    are you into old skool metal/rock if so check out

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