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I lost my creditcard money was transferred from my account via western union ~How can I catch this person?

The money was transferred via the internet~ I contacted western union they weren't too much help so i am in a bind and out 200 hundred dollars!


Also what kind of case would i have if i ever the persons ever caught?

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    You won't catch that person, and you're not going to get back your money back from either the credit card company OR Western Union.

    Wire transfers are dangerous when using a transfer like you did. It's just like handing a total stranger your cash. Don't do wire transfers unless it's to someone you know and trust.

    Sorry for your loss.

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    The recent laws protect the general public. If you can prove that the card was used by someone else (your signature, of course) or that you did not have the possession of the card at that time when the transaction took place, you are not obligated to pay.

    The credit card company has a fraud department. They will set aside the $200 as disputed money and will investigate. If the culprit is caught they will deal with it. You do nothing. If you did actually lose the money by no fault of your own, you do not have to pay. The card co. will issue you a new card, new # etc..

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    the place that was used to transfer may have cameras/ call western union immediatly and ask for a refund and ask why the moneys gone you signed nothing . then call the police and file a report that will get western unions insurance a kick in the rear.

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    You shouldn't be out $200. Your credit card liability should only be $50 or something like that. Otherwise, nobody would be dumb enough to get a credit card. There's nothing you can do to find the person.

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