Do computers waist alot of electricity?

If I leave my computer on at night for a month or more does that waist allot of electricity.

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    PCs being left on is a major waste (not waist) of power.

    Here's an interesting article

    Canon is apparently worried about the impact of people leaving their printers and other office equipment on over the holidays. They've done a study in the UK, noting that a tremendous amount of energy will be wasted by office workers leaving computers, printers and other equipment powered up while they're off from work. All in all, they say the excess wasted juice will cost companies £8.66 million (~$17 million), and would apparently be enough to roast 4.4 million holiday turkeys. Of course, it's not Canon's printers doing most of the damage (it's their study after all). The big energy suckers are the PCs, of course, representing 87% of the problem. So, apparently, Canon's holiday message to the world is, please, when you leave the office for the holidays, turn off your PC.


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    Well the answer by "Ram" is completly wrong. I love how people know one little piece of information and think the world evolves around it. The individual chips and motors in a computer use 5v, -5v, +12v, and -12v. It addition to the voltage, the amount of current that flows in a computer determines the power consumption. I once used a meter connected to the power cord of a CRT and a computer and found that the average total current running was about 1.8 Amps at 110volts. Simplistically this equates to 198 watts. Multiply this x 8 x 30 = 47.520 KiloWatt Hours per month.

    Now if the computer goes to sleep at night of course this changes.

    Source(s): AS Electronics
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    Computers don't have a waist...But it would be a waste to leave one on...Your power supply may use over 300 watts of power. That would be like leaving on 3 100 watt light bulbs all the time. Not a good idea.

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    Yes. They do consume power and waste if not used. (I never saw a computer with a WAIST...!!)

    Power supplies are usually 250 Watts. Monitors are about 60 watts. If you leave a lightbulb on that is this wattage, what do you think will happen? It is consuming power.

    It is not a waste if you are using. It is a waste if anything is left unattended for long periods of time that includes: copiers, fax machines, hall lights, computers.............

    Think about it: why do they have built in power saver in all these equipment if they did not think that it wastes electricity? Do your bit. Want not - waste not.

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    Computers use about the same amount of electricity as anything else in your home (like tv's, stereos, vacuum). But just like the others, the longer you are using it the more electricity you are going to be using. I wouldn't call it waste since it is being used. Hope that helps! =)

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    The monitor consumes lot of electricity. But the PC as such is not such a heavy consumer of electricity because most of the devices operate at very low voltages and current levels since it is all digital inside.

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    oh no its wrong , computer dont consume much electricity. it very minute like if u use one 100 watt bulb all the time. but on the safer side turn off ur monitor when not in use.

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    I've heard from alot of people, that if you use a Surge protector, that it helps. I don't know if it's true or not, because i don't pay electric bill.

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    most newer computers are certified by energy star which means that they dont suck power

  • no, just a little

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