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Is it possible that some obese people have more stamina than fit people?

i'm not talking about sex but during excersices and workouts, can some fat people actually outlast the skinnier ones?

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    It depends on the individual person and the activity. I'm 6' and 285lbs (look that up on your BMI calculator). I can curl 150lbs, bench 400lbs, leg press 1200lbs, squat 700lbs all for what seems like an eternity. My brother is 5'9" 155lbs and can't do any of those once(he would kill me in a run though)...But I'm obese (BMI says so)... So long story short, anyone is capable of anything.

    Also to correct people that say obese people have to work out longer in order to burn the same ratio of calories as a fit person are wrong. Obese people burn more calories just moving their own body then a fit person does. Just think which take more energy, moving a 20lbs arm or a 40lbs arm.

    Source(s): Gym Time I saw an 800lbs woman loose 240lbs by clapping her hands as often as she could everyday.
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    I am no expert, but my guess is no. I doubt obese people have more stamina, because obese people are out of shape mostly because of not being physicaly active, so since they arent used to prolonged exercise how could they possibly outlast a fit person during a workout?

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    Some obese people have great strength. Take for example a 400 pound man who walks up a flight of stairs. Now if you weigh 150 pounds, in order to do the same amount of work, you would have to climb the stairs carrying 250 pounds of weights. That would be extremely difficult.

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    Sure. Don't confuse "skinny" with "fit."

    Skinny is a body form, or a description of your body's condition. An 85 pound 95 year old woman may be very "skinny" but is probably not going to run too many marathons.

    A fat kid who plays basketball daily is probably going to have more energy or stamina than her.

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    do you mean "fit" or "skinny" ? those are 2 very different things. most underweight people are no more fit than obese people. but if youre referring to a truly "fit" person, then the answer to your question is no. obese people will never have more stamina than a fit person, because a fit person's body operates at peak efficiency, and that means that they can do more, and do it for a longer period of time.

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    I don't think fat and skinny have that much to do with it more muscle strength and heart strength. Excess weight drags you down and tires you out quicker The heart has to work harder etc. But if a person is really skinny without much muscle than they would tire early to. Psychology has a lot to do with it to. A person can withstand a lot and hold out more than would seem physically possible if they have enough determination.

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    hey! Do you remember Chris Farley from SNL? Look at how much stamina/energy that guy had! He was 300pounds or more!My mother is 5'6", and wears a size 2! Yet stairs take her breath away. She is skinny but not fit...

    I completely agree with Mickey


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    think about this too,,,, as a heavy person, you're naturally going to need to exercise more to get rid of the extra calories in your body than a "thinner" person, because once a thin person has burnt the same amount of calories, they'll be exhausted. a 120 lb person will only have to exercise about 20 minutes to burn a certain amount of calories. a 300 lb person will have to work about two and a half times longer to burn the same proportion of calories to body fat..... see what i mean??? so, they'll work longer...

    hope that helps!!! have a good day!!

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    No, probably not. "Fit" means "healthy." "Obese" means "dangerously overweight." However, it's very possible for an obese person to have more stamina than a skinny person.

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