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iraq conflict?

every one nowadays blames the americans for what they have done to iraq future

and i tell you this since i am an iraqi citizen , without a doubght the americans did a big favour of getting rid of sadam but we actually had this hidden problem inside each one of us and this was the whats called by the two types of muslims sonna and sheea and sadam actually started this matter by making the sheea as slaves and this blown up the whole thing when the americans invaded iraq trying to rescue iraq from his leadership and i feel it is not the americans to blame it is us we the muslims of iraq had to take the whole blams and they are now paying their debts for the hateness they had to each other , and i really do not blame iran-kuwai-saudia and syria for pouring their hate and anger on iraq simply becasue we fought against all our neighbour countries and we hated them all along and the whole blame should be on all of us for having such a hate against each other we the muslims of iraq .

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    it took a tyrant like Saddam to keep you guys in line then your fundalmentalist religionist people dont want freedom all you wanna do is kill each other because of your interpretation of the Koran. Yor case is a good reason why we should leace Iraq and let each of you fight it amongst yourselves until a new dictator arises and put your people in check.

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    I was in Baghdad for eleven months. All of the Iraqis that I worked with were very friendly. The Sunni and Shia were able to work together. It is a small number of trouble makers in the two groups, plus insurgents from Iran, and former Saddam loyalists that are causing the problem.

    I don't blame the Iraqis for what is going on. A lot more Iraqis are being killed than us. But you are right, the hatred has got to stop.

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    Thank You for explaining you views. As you can see , there are many Americans still in denial over our help in Iraq. The Iraqi people need to rise up and stop their own violence in their country. We can assist all we want , but it will take the people of that country to stop the violence. Most of Iraq is is doing well right now. The showdown is in Baghdad.

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    I have had some very big problems when it came to other people in my life. Its not the same as countries - but the thing that helped me the most was forgiveness. I had to accept that I was responsible for them being mad at me - that I had wronged them. And I had to fogive myself for wronging them (because sometimes that is a hard thing to do - we get mad at ourselves for being wrong and nothing good comes from it) And I had to say I understand why you were mad at me. I would like to be freinds now if that is possible, can we try that?

    It take courage to be open - but that is the only way to find peace. Peace cannot be made from war.

    Peace onto you

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    thanks for cooperating with the U.S..

    We love all the oil that we are steeling right out from under you every day, just go on with your civil war. It keeps you all nice and distracted while we pump all of your resources out of your country.

    Don't forget that your countries borders were create after world-war one by us, we divided up your land then and we do it now. your people may never have self-determination at this rate.

    If you ever need any extra exploitation in your country just call us we'll be there.

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    its good to realize ur fault, bye the way then why u people are fighting with united states now? as they are ur savior?

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    I think it's past your bedtime Jimmy

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    thats nice and all but.......

    ........what was the question again??

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