Ideas for activities of a playgroup in the RGV?

Hello, I'm starting a playgroup in the Rio Grande Valley and looking for ideas as to what to do with the kids and or moms for moms night out! I'd appreciate any ideas. If you want to join, let me know!

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    Some ideas for things to do / places to go:

    Chuck E Cheese (you don't have to go for the pizza... enjoy the play area)

    Local Library for Storytime

    Local Parks

    Build-a-Bear Workshops

    Craft Stores that offer free classes (Michael's, JoAnns, AC Moore, etc)

    Have Craft Day at a different Mom's house

    Gymboree (schedule a private class)

    Take a tour of the local Fire Station. Some give out free plastic firemen hats

    Local Swim Center

    Petting Zoo

    Hope this helps!

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    each and each infant ought to convey Valentine's taking part in cards at hand out to the different infants. in the past passing them out, they might use markers, stickers, even glitter and glue in case you opt to freshen up the mess afterwards, and beautify a white paper bag to place their taking part in cards in. you ought to have each and each infant make a Valentine's Day card for somebody-at the same time with their mom. you ought to surely tell them the historic previous in the back of Valentine's Day, practise is often good! How approximately some classic video games with a Valentine's Twist? Pin the middle on cupid's arrow? i'm useful you ought to locate some much less intense priced aspects at a celebration or arts and crafts save. Get inventive. maximum of all, have exciting!

  • Oh! I thought RGV means Ram Gopal Verma.

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    For the children- anything to do with learning but making it fun like with music or anything that gets there small and large motor skills moving.

    For the adults- anything to do with music

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    scavenger hunts


    flashlight tag

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