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Weird computer error?

Around three or four times, my computer's been having this weird error-screen suddenly becomes blue with text, then before I know it it shifts back to the Windows program again, although there's a dialogue box saying the computer's recovered from a serious error. At least that happened with the first ones. The last time it did that I had to restart the computer again because it was taking longer to go back to Windows again, and it worked fine after that. ANother recovered from error dialogue box again, though. Can anyone tell me what might be it? Is that an error message you get when the hard drive life cycle is nearing its end? Can not using the computer slow down the process or dos it have no effect? Thanks.

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    The screen you are seeing flash up is the famous BSoD (Blue Screen of Death).

    It is very serious and could be anything of a range of things.

    Make sure you have reliable backups of all your important data.

    I'd suggest a format and rebuild would be a good idea (might fix the problem - might not). Here's how


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    Restart the PC and run defrag and system clean up. Then run a virus scan and a malware/spyware removal scan such as AdAware. It could be your drive going, but it could also be quite a few other things including viruses and spyware.

  • Anonymous
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    ya thats called the bsd or blue screen of death it happens usaly if u add new hardware

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    bad/conflicting driver in a programme

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  • Anonymous
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    you should try to run a repair install

  • 1 decade ago

    it's a virus

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