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In April 1999...I saw a strange object in the sky...?

In April 1999- I arose from bed at 2 am to go to the bathroom. When I looked out the window I saw an orange diamond in the sky. It was glowing. It wasn't moving. I kept looking out the window every 10 minutes while it was still there. In an hour it had already faded away. It was much bigger than a star-it was as large as the sun and moon appears in the sky. (or maybe even a little larger) Two weeks later my mother received a letter in the mail from her relatives overseas. We found out my cousin died at around the same time I saw the orange diamond in the sky. I wasn't close to my cousin though..I only met her once when I was 3 years old. My cousin died of hemorrhage bleeding after a pregnancy. They said she carried the baby up to her fallopian tubes instead of in her uterus. Somebody told me that orange diamond in the sky was a warning the same could happen to me in the future if I have a baby. What do you think?


This orange diamond might not have anything to do with my cousin's death. It may have nothing to do with pregnancies. What do you think it was??????????

Update 2:

My question is....what do you think this orange diamond was???? It may have nothing to do with my cousin's death and it may have nothing to do with pregnancies.

Update 3:

What do you think this orange object was if it has nothing to do with pregnancies?

Update 4:

The orange diamond wasn't a dream. I saw it in the sky when I was awake.

Update 5:

I'd like to know what this orange object was exactly..whether or not it had anything to do with pregnancies. Even if it had nothing to do with pregnancies I still want to know what it was.

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    Gee that's a tuffy... Well logically If it was a sign not to have a baby in the future it would have been a red octagon not an orange diamond. So, I'd say your safe to conceive.

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    sounds like a coincidence. The question is what was the diamond. a dream ,hallucination what? if it wasn't in your mind someone else should have seen an object the size of the sun at 2 am ,ask at your local pub if anyone saw it that's the time they are usually going home.

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    Hi, there could be many explanations for this phenomena but one thing is certain people tend to get just a little too superstitious about these things so I would not worry about your future baby as this is type of fortune telling is complete rubbish.

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    I would trust a medical doctor more than the sky. If you're concerned, please see one!

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