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Need some pole vaulting advice please!?

I've been a gymnast for 10-11 years and I quit about 3 years ago. I'm currently on my college track team and I've heard that ex-gymnasts make good pole vaulters.

I'm interested in adding pole vaulting as one of my event (I'm a hurdler) and so I was wondering if anyone has any good advice or training tips to just get me started?

All answers appreciated =)

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    I was pole vaulter in high school, and a decathalete in college. Pole Vaulting is far and away the most difficult track and field event. But you're correct, female gymnasts make good pole vaulters, especially if you're a little tall for a gymnast. As a pole vaulter, you need to be an extremely explosive runner while keeping perfect running rhythm, your hurdling background should help with this. Work on your upper body strength, especially your back and shoulders. As far as learning the movements, you just have to do it. I mean, you can do bar work, but with a gymnastics background, body control shouldn't be a problem. Just get out there and vault! Your coach will show you all the drills you need to master. The only other thing I can tell you about pole vaulting is something my coach used to tell us: "If you're scared it's only because you might die....., just try to ignore it."

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