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HELP!! vaginal excretions..(dunno if thts the right word)?

im used to bein always wet "down there"..thts just how ive always been..but a cpl of days ago ive been havin a lil darker excretions/fluids..well..its not dark..but its kindda white..and i used to get transparent excretions..and it doesnt smell tht good either..

cud tht be somethin wrong??or cud it be just cuz of the change of weather/mood or cuz of the menstrual cycle??

dont tell me 2 go 2 a doc cuz i cant..

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    Sounds like you need to go to a Chemist/Pharmacist/drugstore to seek help if Doctor is out of question,this is usually caused by thrush/yeast infection and can be readily treated without much bother..

    Wearing cotton knickers will help also when treated as any other material will cause re infection thru moisture etc

    Don't leave it too long tho, or it will only get worse..♥

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    Gal you gotta go to the doctor. If it smells bad and its white then its an indication of an infection, most probably candida.

    Dont panic its not sexually transmitted, it can be transmitted through sharing underwear.towels, etc.

    it is also transmitted thru use public toilets.

    if left unattended to iy can cause more serious infections that can render you infertile in the long run.

    So go see that doctor.

    You can also buy medication from the pharmacy if your country allows that without a prescription

  • iroc
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    Are you having sex?

    It could be an infection. there are over the counter products, ask a pharmacist which is most effective.

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    Nope, something is wrong. There is only one way to fix it, but I won't waste your time with telling you what that way is. You'll figure it out soon enough.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Yeast? Could be the best case scenario from what you are describin.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You are rotting and don't even know it yet. lol. Just kidding!

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