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Do men really like big women?

I just joined a dating site(, which is specially for plus size people. And I do meet some interesting people there. As a big woman, I am really want to know, do men really like big women?

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    It really depends on what you mean by big. I think men in general like people who makes them feel good and are good to be around. Size is definitley a factor, but it isn't an overriding factor. But it does stop some men from taking the trouble to get to know someone who could be defined as being big. Personally I don't like the skinny catwalk waifs and also don't like people who you can see have spend a sizeable chunk of their lives and budget funding fast food companies. I prefer a woman to be happy, healthy, balanced as far as size goes and have a great personality. Too big just looks unhealthy and that puts me off.

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    There are more than enough men out there that like big women. Some men prefer skinny girls. But the majority of the men I know would prefer a curvier girl with a good soul than a skinny girl who is a *****. While I wouldn't go as far as to say I am a big girl I do have a lot curves ( hourglass shape with dd cups and hips the same size but with a small waist) and I have been with guys who preferred my shape over all my size 2 friends. In fact I pretty much had less trouble finding men than they did. I am between a size 10 and a 12. On the other hand the guys they dated weren't really into my shape. I had more than pne tell me how beautiful I would be if only I lost 30 pounds. I weigh 156. I think it depends on the guy and what they are into. I think as long as you stay true to yourself and are comfortable in your own skin, you will be beating them off with a stick. Personally, I think plus size women are very sexy. Good luck and have fun

    Source(s): Beergod you are an a$$. Keep drinking that shit and you will have to change your name to beergut. Some people are really not physically able to be skinny. I myself work out 6times per week for 90 minutes and I do eat very healthy with an occasional indulgence which I make up for by working out longer. Some people have health issues that cause them to gain weight. Don't be a jerk and make assumptions. I am fairly certain the only six pack you're packing is in a brown bag. Sweetie, don't let losers like this discourage you.
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    My weight fluctuates on an extreme scale.For six months I may weigh 140lbs., and wear a size 7/8, or I may be 220lbs., and in a size 16/18. I have found that the response from men is generally the same. So to answer your question, yes alot of men do like voluptuous women.

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    Do women really like big men? Perhaps in this case, size doesn't matter. If I had to choose between a big girl that was nice and a thin girl that was a b****, I'd go with the big girl.

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    No, not most men. Only a small number of normal guys like big women. The rest are big guys themselves. Good night!

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    I believe its all about preforance. I'm considered skinny but not a twig. I hear from a lot of guys that they like a girl with something to hold onto, but not too too much, because having too little makes them feel like they could snap you in half

    Either way, there is a guy out there for every girl

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    Well, I'm 5 feet tall and I weigh 240 pounds. I have been fat my whole life (since I was 7 years old).

    Although I've never had trouble finding a boyfriend..all my boyfriends have been losers, lol. So I reckon I'm not a good candidate to be answering your question.

    Good Luck, Hun.! I hope you find your perfect match and I hope he don't care what you look like.

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    Yes, some men like big women. They find them attractive and sexy. I guess it is just a matter on how you project your self to others, I am small woman and I like tall, masculine man,I project my self as a tall and alluring woman.Well tall men are attracted to me.

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    Hello Dear...=)

    Each of us is different, thankfully..

    Big women, with bigger busts and butts have always been my preference..... But that is merely me.

    I am not all that visual, really, so it wouldn't be a requirement, I suppose.... It's hard to snuggle up to bones, though.

    "Bones is for the dogs, Meat is for the mans....."



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    I just REALLY hate it when i find out the REAL truth news from somebody else and not the person who is involved and should tell me REALLY. That is REALLY disrespectful.

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