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What do people have against emos?

Like here:;_ylt=AjV8H...

it's like an emo dissing fest or something. What is it with people? And why is it that people target in on people they think are vulnerable or fragile to try to make them feel like crap, cause the whole stereotype of being depressed and cutting and stuff, why would you go after people like that?

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    they are rude folks.

  • lucky
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    okay..some people are just plain rude and if your a target your a target but then it's like this.. I was the WTF generation..other wise known as generation X ..i think..who knows but my friends and i were the hard to define..they didn't know what to call us...we came at the azz end of the original punk wave really..and were to early for goth(thank God)..we were pizzed at the world for reasons we thought sincere enough..actually the very same reasons that most teens are and were and will be! lol That's just it...adults looked at us like what the h*** do you have to be mad about...the same as people looking at you wondering what you have to be so upset about...your just a kid right.what do you know about real life yet plus..not everyone is on your wave length suger. We got mad..and tore s**t up and graffitied anarchy signs and held stupid rant parties filled w' drunken glee and told everyone to leave us alone! guys get emotional. write poetry, cut yourself, cry and whine about your problems and expect everyone to cry along with you and feel just as bad about your situation as you do....You see that is why a lot of people come down on emos...if you want to go have a pity party..he11, have at it..saw your whole freakin arm off if you think that's what's really and truly gonna solve all your problems..(but you may want to give that a couple years thought) but if i just can't and don't identify with you or your problems or feel like sitting around pissing and moaning constantly w' you or feeling over whelmingly sorry for you......don't call me insensitive. Basically, people just don't like really self absorbed .."please feel just as bad for me as i do"..kind of's not just "emos"'s just that a lot of you young ones decided to band together ..behave that way and give it a name. Sorry..but it's just the truth and yes..Virginia, sometimes the truth hurts,,that is called life dear. I had to learn this a long time ago..and you will hopefully learn this suggestion. If you are sick of people getting you down and feeling so crappy about your life that you are forced to self mutilation...stop! Listen to some good old school and maybe even some new school Punk...throw out the "no one loves me and the world is just a cruel and lonely place so i'm gonna cut myself" crap and adopt more of a "Sometimes life sucks so i'm gonna raise some he11 and have some fun!" philosophy..nothing to lose...but it's just a suggestion.

    Source(s): THE OUTSIDE oooo jjeezz, and here we go w' more of the frickin psycho babble that only serves to validate self destructive pointless behavior..and i say pointless because yes..there is a difference between real depression and a pity party..and that is exactly the point. Most of these "emo" kids are not depressed in the least. They are simply in love w' the idea of being depressed for the time..they have found their niche. Since you can converse so seemingly eloquently on the subject of psyhchiatrics...explain to me this. What enviromental pollution or change was it that occured to create this new found plethora in chemical imbalances that simply need to be medicated and over counseled away? If there is no way to deal w' this know the way they used to in the old days a lot of times w' some simple common sense..because it is a medical defect of the brain...explain to me why we suddenly have such a soaring number of the population w' this defect. If this is true, shouldn't we be terrified for the next generation because surely most all of them will be clinically depressed -bi polar basket cases..good news for drug comps. and people in the mental health field though eeh? But thanks to your half baked, run of the mill advice i am now truly terrified and i am contacting the friggin CDC first thing this morning!! Someone should really get to the bottom of this epedimic! MAN..if it weren't for people like you who actually like to live inside the lil box and be herded along like a good lil sheep i may never have opened my eyes to this real National health disaster we have on our hands. I thank you very much! lmao
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    Honestly, half the time I'm not sure people really know what emo is. People always rag on stuff they don't understand.

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    Most are stuck up prudes,and are camera whores,with bad haircuts,and are really nothing more than spoiled rich kids who have to much free time,and spend it on myspace..

    They are not really deep thinkers,who write poetry,they are just people looking for attention.

    Source(s): does that clear most of it up?
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    because some people on here always say mean things no matter what the subject is. and sadly that is a part of our society :(

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    Because EMO's are sooooo FAKE

    Source(s): A group of white, mostly middle-class well-off kids who find imperfections in there life and create a ridiculous, depressing melodrama around each one. They often take anti-depressants, even though the majority don't need them. They need to wake up and deal with life like everyone else instead of wallowing in their imaginary quagmire of torment.
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    I have nothing against emos.

  • Anonymous
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    because they're easy targets...

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