Is it possible to carry the physical characteristics of Down Syndrome but not have the mental disability?

I'm not asking this to be inconsiderate and immature, but I am currently studying genetics and it popped into my head during class one day..

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    There is something in Down syndrome (and other genetic disorders) called mosaicism, where some of the body's cells have a normal number of chromosomes and others have the extra copy of the particular chromosome that is characteristic of the disorder. Mosaic Down syndrome patients typically have IQ's that are 10-30 points higher than those affected by the classic syndrome.

    In the Neonatal ICU where I work, sometimes we see babies who 'look Downsy.' It's hard to tell at that stage whether the baby has Down syndrome or is just a funny looking baby. Combinations of certain physical findings can give it away though (cardiac defects, poor feeding, poor tone, etc).

  • I am unsure of the correct answer and i cant be bothered searching online for it, from personal experience with Down Syndrome, i have a 6 yr old niece who has it *majorly*, her sister at 5 also has it but only slightly and she shows all the physical characteristics of down Syndrome, to further this i adopted their 2 year old baby, he has physcial characteristics, but is only classed *slightly*, where he will have slight Down Syndrome. Weird huh? Now their baby brother is 4 months old, he has neither the physcial characteristics, or Down Syndrome, AND ALL 4 children share the same parents.............

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