If u kiss alot of guys does that make u a slut?

I luv kissing...its like a hobby and im so good at it.lol

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    Congratulations....Hope you will go on....

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    Off course not but like you say it's a hobby, be careful as your reputation is at stake and people will talk. As long as it is Only kissing you do, then there is nothing to worry.

    Good Luck

  • You can kiss as many people as you want it doesn't may you a slut, what will make you a slut will be sleeping around with loads of different people.

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    no not really for yuor just kissing the true diffanition of a slut is someone that sleeps with allot of men but kissing is diffrent so no your not one untill you start haveing sex with them but then even that's not fare fro men can sleep around but women can't hello get with the times what is righ tfor men should be just as right for women Just a thought.

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  • 1 decade ago

    As long as you're kissing his lips only, I don't see a big problem. Just don't get in the habit of sleeping with them, because that will make you slutty. Good night!

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    well it does make you a **** if you are involved with somebody and still go around kissing people. if not... well it's your business :P

  • not really....it's not like ur ******* all of them!!! lol....and if you are.....so what.....being a slut isn't bad.....i mean....it's only offensive if you're not it. no one likes to be called false names!...i'm a slut! lol....i kiss EVERYthing...and i cheat on my girlfriends with guys and my boyfriends with girls!.....lol....so....it doesn't matter....do what YOU wanna do baby!

    IM me!!!!

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    1 decade ago

    Did your dad tell you that you were the best kisser ever?

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