I see a lot of racially geared question on yahoo answers. I want to know?

I want to know exactly what/how people stereotype people. Let me explain. What do YOU think (knee jerk judgement) when you see a person of different race, sex, religion, age group, etc.. I don't want the watered down, politically correct version of what you think you should say. I want the cold, hard truth. Don't think to hard about it, just spit it out. Like those "think of the first word that comes to your mind'' tests.

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    well you asked for it, and I'm answering :\ with the 1st things that come to mind.

    black people- they can really dance and the men have large .....

    Men- all they want to do is shag

    religious people- I'm happy that you are lucky enough to believe please don't try to make me believe (it'll happen when/if it happens).

    Young people- hooligans!! (i want to be young again)

    Older people- scared of the young hooligans

    well that's what came to mind.

    I know that doesn't define what each person is, it's just a generalisation

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    1 decade ago

    Some white poeple stereotype asians by saying this exactly, "Asians are smart, thats why they do things so well". Saying that means they feel some other race is not as smart. They're also assuming all Asians are the same way. I've actually heard some white people in the business world say this.

    I don't stereotype people, I let them stereotype themselves. And then I simply label what catagory their in based on how they want to be precieved. Kind of like how I am with racism. I'm not racist, but some people are, and because they are and act racist to other people, or to me, I have no choice but to notice their behavior. If many people who look like that person acts the same way, I now I have to record in my mind that behavior and realize that some people who look like this particular person from a certain upbringing usually acts this way. Thats not me being racist, thats me being observant of those who are racist.

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    Personally I don't prejudge anyone base on your citeria. People are people. What would we do without our differences? It's what makes the world go around. One has to live a little longer... be a little gentler on ourselves and throw the question back to yourself and you'll have some of your answers. Please remember the use of "you" "your" etc. is in the plural sense and not directed to a particular people The combining word "Stereotype" in a singular meaning. Using descripters such as race, sex, religion,age are not stereotyped, they are separate unto themselves. So your asking to stereotype each individual grouping? Instead why not focus on promoting a polite society and stop raging against the gain move with the flow. Changes in all of our "behaviors" should be curtailed. Suggest you might find some of what you are seeking of how people arrive at a predetermined judgment about anyone. A trip to the library and check out anything on Greek teacher by the name of Cicero he lived around 60 B.C.

    In his time he wrote: Respect of religion must be reestablished.

    Public debt should be reduced. The arrogance of public officials must be stopped or we shall bankrupt ourselves. The people should be force to work and not depend on government for subsidence. Basically your question is many thousands of years old. Be safe and Good luck to you

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    1 decade ago

    Do you want the truth...? I categorize strangers based on aesthetics. *shrugs* I'm innerly shallow, yes. I'll admit it... the first thing I think is either: hot, pretty, cute, b*tch, loser, etc. From then on, I think (for hot/pretty guys), "Hmm... he's totally a bottom. Hehe..." or a version of that. THEN, I think, "Let's find another hot guy to put him with... after all, hot gay guys are my favorite!" *smiles*

    For a girl... I think either I'd do her, I wouldn't do her, or "hey, she's got a nice <insert body part>." lol

    Race seriously doesn't matter to me. I don't care how light or dark your skin is. I care how good you look... well, in my head only. I'd never actually say that out loud unless I was with one of my friends. That goes for sex, age group, and everything else.

    RELIGION, on the other hand... if I find out someone is religious (especially Christian), then my first reaction is "ew." I won't lie about it... that's what I think. I don't get along with religious people considering I'm an atheist, but I'm sure that's what they think when they meet me and realize I don't believe in their BS, too, so it's even. Of course, I DO have a few religious friends, so it's not as if I can't get along with them.

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    Doesn't matter how many times people say "colour doesn't matter", it still does in many people's eyes. We always think of the "White-on-black" perspective, but I wonder what the "Black-on-white" perspective is.

    Religion doesn't bother me, people can believe what they want.

    If I see an old person (70+), its natural to segregate them into "old", compared to "adult". However, my next-door neighbour is 73, and he rides a bicycle to work every day, and you could NEVER call him old!

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    When I see people of other races, I think to myself that it's cool how we're starting to see more diversity here where the majority is Caucasian.

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    Well I notice that they are different then me in a sense of looks, but

    I honestly don't think any less or more of them because of it. I hate racisim. I hope this answers your question.

  • 1 decade ago

    I see another human being.I am too old now to make judgements.

    I don't have the time.

  • 1 decade ago

    When I see a midget, I think....vertically challenged....

    When I see a retard, I think...mentally challenged...

    When I see a cripple, I think ...physically challenged...

    When I see an en-word, I think....Caucasianally challenged...

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    1 decade ago

    Pisces have brotherhood and Im nice to everyone..

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