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What's your internet connection speed?

And what's the average downloading speed you have?

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    When i m downloading something

    highest downloading speed 32 kbps

    Highest uploading speed 7kbps

    Browsing speed 315kbps

    They all vary, and the highest my net can achieve i have written already

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    When I was on dial-up, I would open several different sites after one loaded, so that when I finished reading or posting at the one I was on, others would have opened. There are programs that you can download that claim to speed up your connection... My firewall has told me they were virus or other malware when I tried that approach... Good luck... As others told you, it helps when I close some of the open programs, maybe... If I'm working with a picture editor, while the internet is downloading a page into my browser, it affects the computer response time, rather than the internet...

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    The speed depends upon your PC speed and the speed of Internet.An internet connection can become slow or stop working due to a number of reasons depending on the type of the connection. Many of the problems can be solved by making software changes or small hardware corrections. Detailed instructions at http://tinyurl.com/yl62gz

  • I just performed a speed test through my internet provider and here is the results:

    Your current bandwidth reading is:

    1.61 Mbps

    which means you can download at 206.5 KB/sec. from our servers.

    1652 kbps

    I have cable internet. Sometimes the reading is higher. It varies everytime i check it.

    Source(s): ~ButterFlyAngel~
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    they say that ur broadband connection speed is 100mbps, but it never is

    my download speed is 25kbps, which may vary between 35kbps and 10 kbps depending on the no. of downloads or certain problems with the ISP

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    i'm not connected to my wireless connection. . i'm actually at work right now, but i'll take the free 2 points by answering. . Right now, my connection speed is:

    Communications - 800.8 kilobits per second

    Storage - 97.8 kilobytes per second

    1MB File Download - 10.5 seconds

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    As of just now it's 738kbps down and 135 kbps up as measured at

    http://www.speedtest.net/ which is just about the coolist internet connection speed test there is!

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    comcast internet

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    I have a 2mb ADSL connection.

    The download speed is ( average ) : 165kbps

    and it varies between 220kbps and 110kbps

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    My broadband service is said to give 1Mbps, but download speed is usually half of that.

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