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Virtual DVD drive?

here's my scenario: i do not have a dvd writer on my pc but i want to burn a dvd to my hard drive using nero.. nero detects drives installed on the board so if there is no DVD writer on my board nero will not be able to burn dvd as it only allows it if nero sees a dvd drive. how can i have a virtual dvd drive just like virtual cd roms?

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    so what i think ur saying is that u want to use nero vison to make ur own dvd image but cannot because u dont have a dvd burner to work around that u have to go into nero vision and chnage the setting in the main screen hit the more button and from there configure and the enable all support

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    newer versions of nero have an image recorder you can do this with

    its unde ther Recorder Menu, Choose Record. it works for me without a dvd writer; i'm using version 6

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    use the ahead nero image drive, it works with both cd or dvd's

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