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Will the Iraqi military and government totally take over defending and policing Iraq, and when?

When can our troops come home with honor?

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    They've already started. There are now 4 districts under governmental tactical control with Iraqi police force. There are still US/Allied soldiers training, but the forces in those areas are totally Iraqi. If they all don't get killed, we shouldn't have to re-establish ourselves in those districts. Slowly, it will spread out until all districts are under Iraqi control. You wouldn't want Jim-Bob from the dairymart to be your local sheriff or deputy without intensive proper training.

    Looking ahead, it is reasonable that we should establish an embassy and a military base in Iraq. One step closer into making Iraq an allied country. And with the military base, it would just be a tour of duty, like Germany or South Korea.

    About the honor...the troops should be no matter what. They choose to fight for and defend this country. They did not decide when and where to go to war.

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    I doubt it will happen, if they try to then it will just fall apart by people agianst them, in more simple terms, if iraq had a president, he would be a target for assasination all the time. there will never be total peace on that side of the world..we're fighting for somthing that we cant help, our troops dont need to be there.. well just my veiws, take care

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    I doubt it. US will not leave Iraq that easily, cause if they do, Iraqi will attack US. Muslim will revenge that's how they are as a person.

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    It did not happen since 2003. It will never happen.

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    five minutes after hell freezes over, keep the dream alive if you must,

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