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Hardest slapshot...?

Who has the hardest slapper in the NHL now that MacInnis is retired?

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    The Leafs' Chad Kilger just broke the record (I don't think it was McInnis' though) by launching a 116 (point something) km/h shot at their annual inter-squad skills competition a few weeks ago.

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    Yeah, I heard about Kilger breaking the record just a few weeks ago too... That's weird.

    But the talk around the league is without a doubt Sheldon Souray. There's a big difference between being able to skate up to an empty net, and rip a slap-shot during a skills competition (Kilger), and putting a bullet through traffic and through the legs of a helpless goaltender. Souray is right now the best in the league at that...

    At any rate, Souray definitely has the most feared slap shot in the NHL. And with good reason too...

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    The hardest on record is Chad Kilger at 106.6 MPH but I think there are alot of guys out there that can shoot that hard and could beat the record easily, they just are not given the chances to do it.

    I think the NHL should figure out a way to put some kind of device in the pucks that records the shot speed that way you can see how hard every shot is in games and what not. Players do not always shoot their best in a competition like the Skills because its not the same scenario as in games.

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    Hey! You guys are forgetting Chris Pronger with the Ducks! He has such a hard slapshot that it makes a loud sound when it hits the back of the net and scores a goal after going right through the opposing goalie's pads!

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    Ales Kotalik from the Sabres has a pretty wicked slapshot. Don't know if it is the hardest though. Souray can certainly launch one too.

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    1. Chad Kilger

    2. Sheldon Souray

    3. Chris Pronger

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    The old record belonged to Al Iafrate of the Washington Caps.

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    I was watching the Canadiens and the Flyers last night and I have to agree with the people who said Souray. He can really bring it.

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    #44 Sheldon Sourray plays defense for the Canadiens.

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    sheldon souray has been known to launch a few rockets from the point!

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