is it a womans world or man world,why are most laws towards woman.?

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    1 decade ago
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    it is not a womans world or mens world. it is for all.everybody has right to live.

    Ya buts its true that most laws are towards woman.

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    1 decade ago

    It's Anybodies world!

    Most laws have been for and against women because it USED To be a man's world. Times have been and are still changing, they always will. Laws seem to be directed towards women because law Makers used to all be men, since they simply assumed all rights were for MEN only, laws had to be made to occomodate, restrict, allow, chastize, equate, and differenciate women.

    This about this, Men get all pissy about having to pay child support and allamony to women, but if they had just taken the ERA bill back in the late 70's/early80's they wouldn't still be whining about having to pay anymore. It would all be equal...each to their own corners as it were.

    But insted they were more concerned with unisex bathrooms than the real world logistics of what passing sure a bill would have opened up for them!

    HA!! HA!! Jokes on them now isn't it?

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    Because law-makers are men. Will men purposely pass some laws to make their lives difficult? I doubt it!

  • its everyone's world

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