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Are you sick and tired of all the damned hatred, prejudice and ignorance in the world??

I am; mankind as a whole is really pathetic.. Especially all the sheep who go about their lives and never think about anything other than what the news and TV tells them to think about. I'm also sick of preachers of all faiths shouting hatred against their fellow man! These demons call themselves pious and spiritual, let alone holy! It drives me crazy the hipocracy running and speeding this world to a burning demise. If you won't do anything or say anything to help other people, and just continue to spout out thousands of years old self-rightous drivel which has been manipulated to suit you then shut your face and go to Hell! The hateful and the hipocrites will suffer greatly after this world, if you are one of them then for God's sake change and better yourself.


Thanks for the input! I didn't expect to get away with a rant like that without being flamed by peeps telling me to shut up lol. I'm not a particularly angry guy, was just reading some stuff on here that really makes my blood boil (the racism, the intolorance etc).

I'll expand the question.. how can we work together to build up the courage to say 'This has gone on for long enough! It's time for a change.. It's time for love to become the predominant force in this world and not hatred.' How can we bring about such a change?

Update 2:

Isn't it interesting how somebodies enlightened responce to my question is "How about you SHUT THE F*CK UP, Jackass!" Doesn't that speak for itself?!?

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    yes, that's why i decided to seek the truth myself.

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    You are correct,and you did get a little angry there,Shut your face and go to hell,however I will give you a pass on that,I am very sorry when i get angry and say the same type of thing, but we all

    have a breaking point.I try hard to live as a child of God but i read them Blaspheming God all day and after so much hate ,I do lose it.

    Chill,your meaning is 100% right.

  • the first part of bettering yourself, is not getting "off key" when others fall off key. there's plenty wrong with the world alright! but, when i get upset at the actions of others, especially when they have nothing directly to do with me, than that's an indicator that I have some adjusting to the world around me to do. It's my responsibility to live in the world created before i got here, not the other way around as we would like to have it. a degree of disapproval and skepticism and "loud talk" is warranted where we personally feel a change is needed. but, only a degree. good luck.

  • I must say I totally agree. I asked a similar question as to why athiests read the bible in order to use it against christians. I also don't like how christians say " you will go to hell" for whatever reason. I'm a christian and I believe only God will judge me!

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    Really an excellent rant. I actually feel like that at times but when I do I usually don't have the patience to express it in words. If I tried it wouldn't be allowed on Yahoo.

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    Yes, I am tired of it, but we should not judge others even if they are doing bad things. We do not know much about these people or their childhood or how they were raised. Some people have been raised very religiously, or think too much about power and money. Even if they are hypocrites, they help us learn how to be more tolerant and patient of ourselves and others.

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    Try not to let it get to you. The world needs some prejudice and hate if we loved everyone and didn't oppose any thing evil would rule for example you would have to let a child molester into your home to stay. or a wife beater would be welcome at your dinner table. some times hate is self protective.

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    we cant change the world for we have tried for years all types of governments dictatorship,Communism,capitalism,democracy,etc

    but things are getting worse its time to look for the or gin of our life maybe we can get to know why we are having all these problems and get guidance.

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    Wow, you are really bitter.

    It is hard to live in this world with so much crap going on. It's a crappy place to have kids and raise kids. It's hard to even go to church cause everyone's religion is the wrong one/or right one.

    Everyone thinks they are better than everyone else.

    Everyong thinks that they are smarter than everyone else. *sigh*

    But I just can't help myself, I'm a people person, and I love people, I love this world, and I love God.

    Heck, I even love YOU. *hugs*

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    well I don't see a hell or a god awful deity but the rest makes sense and our punishment is now cause after death is only rot and decay the fairy tales may be comforting but they are lies to manipuate the masses and manipulated the masses have been.

    peace out and enjoy the season of mirth and birth.

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    Every other generation for the last zillion or so years could say exactly the same thing.

    Ain't mankind great?

    At least it's predictable.

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