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when learning programming as a beginner should i first go for C and thenJAVA or just learn JAVA?

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    I'd suggest it's important to learn



    Java; and


    (amongst others)

    If you are a complete beginner maybe start with JavaScript as you'll get 'quick wins'.

    Beyond that I am not sure any order its better than any other.


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    The fundamental of the programming is Logic and concepts. A programming is step by step approch like building blocks. So, first you must learn logic controls. Initially if you start with Java, you will be confused with objects and derivations. Better start with C language which is a better one to start and once you understand the concepts, you can make through Java. There is no need that you must understand all the concepts of C but from variables to file handling. In this way you can master any languages independent of any platforms.

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    well it is up to you to decide, with java you can study well the basicconcepts of programming an also OOPS if you want to study c go for that,i will say both are good , with java you do a lot of things that is difficult to do with c, similarly with c you can do a lot many thing that you can do with java. taka a look at java object oriented programming tutorial at

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    depends , do u really want to learn programming ?

    C is the heart of programming so start by C

    if you are armature and only want to have some fun go to java direct

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    well if you want to learn programming and do nice programs java and jsp are the way they are very power ful tools of programming as well as if you want to learn web developement i advice you to learn php. inorder for fast and easy way for small programs u visual studio.det is the way its very easy and flexible and easy way to link your interfaces ("menus and coded program") to databases such as SQL and MS ACCESS. if you want to be extremely powerful in programming at a certian point later on in your life i advice you to first start with C programming that's the way i learned programming from dietel and dietel and then i picked up java programming from dietel and dietel also in 1 week. from this base i made for my self its now very easy for me to program in any language (due to the robust and strong base programming in C) i did projects in with ADO (database access) very easily and i even didn't need a book just from the MSDN library i got the help and then i did projects in jsp (tomcat server is needed for that) i also coded html and XHTML and WAP man its very easy just learn the basics and off you go

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    Its as simple as without learning bycycle you are trying to learn bike.

  • d4d9er
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    C... Then C+... Then C++ will likely be of more interest if you are planning more extensive programming.

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    first of all plz cheak out your programming teat,then you learn go to step by step(c,c+,c++,foxpro programming & VB) & plz clear their bracket's basic fundamental.

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