I'm just wondering, for my own personal knowledge, how many of you are like this?

When making a sandwich, how many of you think like I do? That condiments (mustard, mayonnaise, etc.) should not ever touch the cheese...condiments should rest soley on the meat side of the sandwich. Furthermore, do you agree that mustard should be used for ham and roast beef whereas mayonnaise should be reserved for turkey and chicken? I know it's odd, but my friend and I were discussing this the other day and we discovered that we have the same odd proclivities regarding sandwiches. I was just curious what other people thought. And yes, I know it's weird to be concerned about where the condiments are on a sandwich, but I am. Thank you for your time.

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    Yeah, I agree on the concept, I think the condiments should never touch the veggies, but the meat, like the Southwest Chipotle souce on a Subway sandwich should be applied to the meat before the veggies

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    I think it makes perfect sense to put condiments in the same place as you prefer.I basically make a sandwich to your style with condiment placing.....But I always put enough condiments to make it juicy and tasty and something for 'crunch factor'. So when you bite into it it has crunch like romaine lettuce with the veins split down the middle if they are big. I also love Arugula for it's crunch but more for it's nuttiness, esp. with Turkey or T-BLATS, which is my variation on a B-L-T.

    Turkey (or reg.) bacon, arugula, fresh home grown tomatoes sliced thin, and spicey mustard on the bacon side and mayo on the tomato side. I even make them in rolled up corn tortillas.

    They're fabulous.

    I think placement of condiments is like which way you put the toilet paper on the roll. Everyone does it their way always.

    Oh and by the way, always put a pinch of paprika in everything you eat. It is FANTASTIC for you. It attacks cancer tumors.

    Best Holidays

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    I had never taken the time to think about it. But I personally use mayo for ham sandwiches, although not for roast beef. And to tell you the truth, I put mustard/mayo wherever it may fall. Usually too hungry to think of what order I'm going to build it in:)))))

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    Mustard on cheese is okay, but I don't like either butter or mayonaise touching the cheese. It gets too 'slick', giving an icky sensation even when the flavor is fine. Mustard is usually a bit less oily (I like coarse mustard too, and I don't use near as much of it as of mayonaise or butter) so that is okay even on the cheese, but the others aren't.

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    Actually, it never occurred to me that condiments shouldn't touch the cheese. I don't think it's weird. You're just very specific. You're eating it, so why shouldn't you determined how it's fixed.

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    Hmm. Ever heard of obsessive compulsive disorder?

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    I never even thought about it.

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