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ReAD PLEASE ! i'm divorced and i met a divorced man,he only talked about sex with me.He was honest he told me,

we are adults ,if it happens,happens.Also,he says,who knows if we might like each other in the future.OK, i knew he just wanted sex,BUT i haven't given him.Why? because i'm not a now he told me i'm different,that no woman have ever enter his house,only me.We just talk,he said i was very tender.Gave me a bracelet,and said an older lady gave it to him,to give only to a special lady.Should i believe that ? He said ,i 'm not like other women that leave their kids,to go with men.He also, got jealous,when my phone rang. Is this more than just sex ??? i'm confuse.We both have kids, i know him a lot.Is he true,about what he says me being special ????? He says is not just sex,with me.

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    maybe he really likes you or maybe he is just being nice to you just to get *** ... it could be both ways.... wait for some more time... whether he is honest or not you'll get to know eventually.. if he really likes you , he will hang on.. but he wants you jst for *** he'll not waste too much time waiting for you...soon he'll look somewhere else...

    all the best...

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    Why do we reduce the beauty of relating to a relationship ? Why are we in such a hurry ? Because to relate is insecure and relationship is a security .It has certainty .Relating is just a meeting of two strangers maybe just overnight .Who knows what happens tomorrow ? We are so afraid that we want to make it certain, make it predictable .We would like tomorrow to be according to our ideas .We do not allow it freedom .We reduce every verb to a noun

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    Even if it isn't just about sex, this guy sounds possesive and you should get the hell away from him. Please, I wouldn't want you to get hurt. You never know maybe thats the cause of his divorce, that he was too possesive and full of Jealousy.

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    get a chuhuahua and name him bean bucket this and only this will make you happy

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