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Why does my nose bleed so often?

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    Heat, when your body gets too hot. It is a cooling method.

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    Did you, or do you do lot's of blow? Anyone in your family have a history of nose bleeds. You may have a rare bleeding disorder called HHT. See an eye nose and throat doctor. Get a humidfier for your home or bedroom. Good luck man!

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    you should write more if you want more detailed and accurate answers by the way. nose bleeds often occur with sudden room temperature changes. depending on how your body reacts that is. However, i think it also depends on how moist your nose is, or how dry it is. There might be a way to fix that, so you should probably see a doctor.

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    If it mostly happens in the winter when the heat is on, then your skin is probably just dry inside your nose. Try putting a little bit of vaseline on a q-tip and roll it inside your nose. Just be sure not to stick it too deep.

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    probably thin blood. Go buy a package of gelatin, put a bag in a glass of water and pound it down. repeat once a week for about 2 months. no more nose bleeds. btw, gelatin tastes pretty bad.

    Source(s): My father made me do this as a 7 year old. Worked perfectly.
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    Quit getting punched there so much. Just kidding. You probably have very thin and dry nasal walls and according to the Doctors I've gone to, they don't cauterize them anymore. They tell me to rub lotion or Vaseline in your nose to keep it moist in there.

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    dry membranes inside your nose. Get a humidifier, keep the air around you moist, drink plenty of fluids and stay out of the cold.

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    reason 1 =may be you use more salt in food

    reason 2 =may be your nose is damaged

    reason 3 =may be you used to dig your nose deeply.

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    You must be having allergic rhinitis,It is a common condition and curable and not life threatening.Symptoms get worse during cold weather or rainy days.short course of steroids will settle it.Consult a doctor

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    it could be numerous things,deficiency of vitamin k,bleeding disorders,constricted blood vessels,high temperatures,high blood pressure,taking too many antibiotics that can destroy the natural bacteria,i think you should go to the doctor and he will surely help you with this,and for deficiency of vit.k eat more greens..

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