When would you call a discipline Scientific?

What is science? When would you classify something as scientific? What science and scientific attitude strive to attain?

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    First, there has to be an experiment group, subjected to the stimulus, and a control group that is not.

    Second, the experiment has to be repeated with the same results, three times in succession.

    This is why there can be NO proof of evolution, or the BigBang theory- the control group is not present, and the experiment can't be repeated.

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    I think that a discipline is scientific if you can use the techniques of deduction and experiments to test the hypothesis that are made. So it is important that you can prove if a hypothesis is false.

    For example, in medical science you can test theories and hypothesis by doing labresearch. In economic science you can test theories and hypothesis by researching and analysing data. Therefore these are sciences.

    Religion isn't a science, since the hypothesis that it makes (there is a greater power who looks over us) can't be tested.

    When you look at astrology, then the hypothesis that are made in that 'science' aren't testable. One of these hypothesis for example is that the position of the planets on the moment you were born has an impact on your character. Although this hypothesis can be tested (we know the position of the planets the day you where born and we can use psychological tests to determine what character traits you possess), astrology doesn't behave like a science because the result of these test (i.e. there is no relation between the position of the planets and your character) are not accepted by astrologists. Astrologists also don't state why they believe the test results are false, thereby making their hypothesis untestable. So astrology isn't a science either.

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