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Who here thinks players were actually better in the past like in the sixties.?

With todays equipment it makes good players very long and straight. I feel that the equipment of old no offset blade irons and persimmon woods maybe made the players better.Look at Sam Snead just think how good he would be today. I think the pros today could hit those clubs but it would be a wakeup call on their true skill. The courses may have changed better greens truer putts lower scores but Just try to hit some old clubs that are in decent shape and you would know what I mean> Any comments?

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    It's difficult to compare eras and the players. While yes, Tiger's driver may give him some more distance that Snead would have gotten with his wood-face, the courses have been adjusted and play longer holes with more hazards than they used to. I believe at Augusta this past year, they didn't cut the rough grass for two days prior to the National to make it all the more difficult for players.

    This can be said about a lot of sports though. Baseball has changed the ball type, tennis rackets have gone from the heavy-set wood to the lighter carbon and titanium, and bowling balls are now created from carbon-alloys allowing more spin and control.

    Maybe there should be a movie about an aging boxer type who comes back for one last shot at glory by taking on the current champion...Nah, nobody would see that.

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    This question is a toughy. Generally, I think the average level of play today is better, the 10 best pros today could probably beat the 10 best of another era. Gene Sarazan could take Phil Mickelson on on an even playing field. There is one difference these days and that is physical conditioning. Guys these days are in far better shape, as a rule, than golfers of yore.

    But individual players, there' the difference. You mention Snead, and I agree, he would be a handful for today's pros. Hogan, too. Bobby Jones was nearly as creative a shot maker as Tiger.

    Tiger Woods, however, is a phenomen of monumental proportions. The conditioning, the mental strength of this guy is amazing. Tiger is the greatest player this game has ever seen.

  • I have always compared greatness at any sport against how certain players dominated there own eras. I think Tiger would dominate in the 60's, and Snead would dominate now. Give Snead and others all the benefits of not only equipment but conditioning and diet and they would be just as good as the top players of this era.

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    Golf is a sport that has become more popular in recent years, I think. If so, that means a larger population of competitors and the odds of finding persons of greater ability grows. Also, todays competitors have the advantages of what we've learned in the sport about training and nutrition. So even without the advantage of better equipment you would likely see equal or greater performance.

    But yes, it is a testament to the skills of those at the top in those days that they accomplished what they did with what they had to work with.

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    I think people need to work as hard as the technology makes them. So i guess you might be right, it was much harder to hit clubs back in the sixties. However, I feel players today can do amazing things that we never saw years ago. Maybe its skill and competition forcing better players, or maybe its just technology. Probably a little of both.

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