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How would you train a chihuahua that has already 1 and never been train and just ran in and out of the houses

Our dog id almost 1 she lived with my mom and she just ran in and out of the house to pee. But know we live in apartment that we have never had a dog at and she never real been disaplan befor so what do I do.....

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    It is important to tell your dog what you want her to do, not merely what you do not want her to do. First, as someone else indicated, watch her when she is in the house and awake and scolding her when she uses the bathroom inside (but do not rub her nose in it) . Walk her after she wakes up from sleeping, after eating, after drinking, and after playing. During training, you will need to crate or otherwise restrict her movements at night and whenever you are unable to watch her. But I have found that the key, is to give her a command to "do her business." Whenever you are walking her and she starts sniffing or looking like she is about to use the bathroom, tell her do "do your business" (or some other phrase you may choose) and then praise her "Good business." This reinforces the good action (doing her business outside) and lets her know it exactly what behavior you want!

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    Are you asking how to house break her? When you are home make sure you know where she is at all times, when you see her starting to squat to pee, say "no inside" in a stern, not loud, voice. Then take her outside where she can pee and say "go potty" or something like that and then praise her A LOT when she does go outside. Do not punish her for going when you were not around to stop her, this will only confuse her. NEVER rub her nose in it, that will only frighten her, and a frightened dog will be even less obedient. Oh, and i suggest she is kept in the bathroom or in a crate when no one is home to prevent accidents, at least until she is house broken.

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    It will be hard to train now but you will be able to do it with a lot of Patience and your determination on your part.

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    walk her on leash often, being that she's already 1 yr old, she will catch on real fast

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