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wooden cabinet for an lcd tv?

we have a lovely home decorated with nice antique furniture etc and the last thing the Mrs wants is modern looking lcd tv sticking out like a sore thumb..which i can understand,at present we have a 30" tv in a walnut tv cabinet but i would like a 42" lcd tc but the the wife says it must have a period style cabinet for it to go in,would anyone know of a company that makes these please.

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  • Dashes
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    1 decade ago
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    a few years back my father installed a television for the owner of Victoria Secret / Guthy Renker. it was a television cabinet that looked like a wood and leather bench seat / storage box. with the click of a button on a remote the television rose up out of the box on a gear/chain driven platform. something like that could be made to look older and no one would even know there was a TV in there

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