Christopher Ross Watts; hit Diane White Bitterman,May 11, 2005, she died instantly. What happened to this guy?


Right You are; "Christopher Ross Watt" did hit "Diane White Bitterman", with his BIG Truck ! At about 80 miles an hour; Wonder how this young man feels, Killing an innocent woman in an accident ?

Her son & daughter-in-law; will have kids 1 day, she will never know them. She died instantly; & pronounced dead, at the scene. She & her car; HOT heat, were covered on the side of the road. One of the News Stations; showed a pic, of ALL this !

I think what a tragedy; for her family & friends to see, How would you feel; After losing a loved one, Seeing this scene on TV ?

They say "What goes around - comes around"; the husband "Rick Bitterman", assaulted a woman in 1993.. Bitterman was arrested; at the Hospital where he worked, Mr. Bitterman assaulted his own Sister. In front; of his Mom & Young Neice. Black Eyes,cuts,etc; because She quit work, to Care for THEIR Dying Mom.

Rick returned to work; Springhill Mem Hospital, 2 men & 2 different crimes ?

Selfish;Insensitive,Rude,Why ?

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    I couldn't find an entry for Mr. Watts with his middle name included but I did find another criminal with the name Christopher Watts

    I would suggest you call the newspaper in Daphne (I think that's where it happened). From a previous question asked on Yahoo Clever it looks like charges were never filed. Your question misled me, as I thought you meant he hit her with his fist or hand, he actually hit her with a car.

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