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Who is the all time leader in interceptions thrown?

I know Favre is approaching the record and was wondering who holds it.

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    George Blanda has the record, but was in the league the longest out of any other player -- 26 seasons.

    I say if your in the league for that long, your bound to throw 277 interceptions.

    I guess the same could be said for Favre too, eh? Heh.

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    George Blanda - 277 interceptions

    Brett Favre - 272 interceptions

    John Hadl - 268 interceptions

    Fran Tarkenton - 266 interceptions

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    Brett Favre is not 5 int's away from George Blanda's record after Favre threw 2 against the Minnesota Vikings.

  • gone
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    George Blanda--277; John Hadl--268; Fran Tarkenton--267.

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    George Blanda has the record 277 interceptions thrown

  • 3 years ago

    Brett Favre* · NYJ22 i could say Adrian Peterson... 9 Fumbles as a RB... does not get plenty worse than that. edit: "humorous" how people scouse borrow my answer and reword it... additionally, Adrian Peterson is getting into his third 365 days he's in basic terms getting extra suitable. He did have a concern of keeping onto the soccer and Brad Childress of course stated that if AP wasn't going to hold onto the soccer, he will locate somebody who will. As for the turnover ratio... i do no longer think of it is going to likely be that undesirable, undergo in ideas Favre threw maximum of his int's interior the 2nd 0.5 of the season whilst he tore his bicep and advised no person approximately it. i'm specific Tavaris Jackson and Sage R. could have some snaps too this season to proportion the burden with Favre.

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    I think Fran Tarkenton is up there or is number 1.

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    My guess would be Blanda

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