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Do we live in an age where drug and sex addicts are winners and people who can't find work are losers?

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    No, NOT all people can find work because they have a problem or disability that prevents them from working. Society will look upon those people and judge them like the idiot that left the first comment as typical people that should be able as anyone else without exploring possibilities beyond their knowledge. "Can't" being the focus as in someone cannot find a field in which they can actually be productive in a working job in society.

    Drug addicts and sex addicts are looked down on society just as much as unemployment unfortunately. Even though some individuals do not choose to be in that position like druggies and whores. The people with jobs are looked at in a higher platform than the unemployed. We live in a materialistic world and cater to those that embrace it.

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    people can find lots of work its just not work they are willing to do. sex and drug addicts winners ? not that i have ever heard. winners are hard working people who continually improve themselves a little every day.

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    Definitely no. Addictions in any form will give immediate thrill but in the long term is definitly a defeat and loosing proposition. So don't take it to that in any way.

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