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Favorite brands of cosmetics?

I can use all the help I can get!!!!!!! ^__^

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    Christian Dior's Addict line.

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    Once again, it's all preference.

    I use Clinique face wash and toner.

    St Ives lotion.

    Vital Radiance face primer (warm tone).

    Bare Essentuals foundation and mineral veil.

    And the eyeshadow brands I use daily are: Bare Essentuals, M-A-C, Lancome, Clinique, Revlon, Urban Decay, Benefit, Make Up Forever and a few others that are just fun and funky colors that I only have like 1.

    I wear fake eyelashes almost daily. Ardell brand #33 or #45.

    When I don't wear fake eyelashes I either use Voluminous waterproof in black by Loreal or Clinique

    gentle waterproof mascara in black.

    I only wear blush when I'm wearing either neutral shadows or black shadow. Too much pink with bright eyes can look like a clow. I use either bare essentuals tooty fruity or clinique iced lotus.

    lips- burts bees lipbalm.

    lancome gloss or twofaced gloss.

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    Lancome, Anna Sui, Shu Emura, Chanel, Bobby Brown

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    Mac, Bobbi Brown, Lancome

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    I love Mary Kay, Avon and Cover girl!! talk about eclectic in pricing...mary kay is more expensiuve, avon about mid and cover girl is the least expensive. They wy i cut my mary kay cost was by becoming a beauty consultant, place a $400 retial order and 50% off for 3 months! can't beat that!! avon is cheap enough to wear i don't have to do that. I use mary kay mostly for the skin care line, although their mascara is to dir for! the rest of it is a mix of avon and cover girl.

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    Maybelline mascara, Rimmel foundation, Cover Girl press powder,

    Clinique lipstick and New Radiance blush. That's what I wear everyday.

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    I prefer Clinique for foundations and powders, because they're non-comodegenic. MAC for all their pretty colors. No other brand can beat MAC in terms of color variety. I like Lancome's brand image though.

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    MAC,Lancome,Christian Dior,Elizabeth Arden,Bobbi Brown

    MAC has amazing shades of eyeshadows

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    for some glamour i go for Giorgio Armani 's foundation,MAC's loose powder,stila's blush,eyeliner from the Body shop,eye pencil and lip glosses from Revlon and also eye shadows from givenchy.for daily makeup I'll go for Bobbi brown and Laura Mercier

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