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How can i put on weight?

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    Eat/drink protein. You can also eat carbs and fats, but don't eat too much junk food.

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    Hello friend, actually weight will never be maintained or just come up while eating lots of proteins or fats, ignoring other important things as other fellows have pointed out there. Putting on weight really means a lot but should be simple task for a normal human being.

    First try practicing what we call balanced diet not ignoring even Ugali or Mbogas, While practicing this take note on not taking alot of sugar or fats or else you are striving to some complications ahead. So just as the name quortes above"BALANCE" let all be balanced, be it protein, fats or carbohydrate and vitamins in simple terms. If possible take all these at once at any meal after appropriate periods. Fruits should be authentic if possible.

    Secondly forget not doing exercise. This does not really mean that you have to go for along race or fighting or name them but even talking is an exercise, house chores, dancing not really vigorousely and even sleeping but at the right time.

    Thirdly ensure that you are stress free, take things simple for you know all come and finally disappear so why stress?

    Friend if you practice these, you'll not be overweight or slimy sana lakini fiti. Unless you are sick in any way.

    Nice time wish to meet you I'm jeyomosh. God bless

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    I'll give you three combined ways (that have to be done integratedly) :

    1. Do some fitness/workout (spend 1/2 hour on cardio/stepper/static bike, then spend 1 hour on Step Intro/Latin Dance/Body Combat, don't do any Sauna/Steam; a total of 1 1/2 hours/day, do it min 4 times/week).

    2. Drink high protein & calcium milk regularly (min thrice/day)

    3. Eat more red meat & pork to increase your protein & fat at once. Do it thrice/week, each time max three thick slices of meat, not more (if you're a Moslem, pick something else to replace pork, like sea fish).

    Basically, you'll fell hungrier if you do fitness/workout, and you'll meet your ideal body in about 3 or 4 months.

    Enjoy the muscles, folk !!

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    If you want to put on more weight, the best thing to do is to probably eat a lot of food over the holidays. :) Like meat, vegetables, dairy products, and dessert.

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    There's lots of fitness products that you can by to gain weight safely. These are normally whey protein / carbohydrate drinks.

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    Be for you do any thing exercise is vital or you can get really fat!

    You can purchase a product that Foot ball players etc. use! It really increase's your intake of calories. So excercise is vital

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    just constanly eat all day long and make sure you eat all the wrong things like potato chips, ice cream, cakes, hamurgers, french frieds, cookies, pop, or eat everytime i eat which is all day long.

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    Come stay with me for six months... hohoho...

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    eat more protein

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