I like skrewdrivers & tequella sunrise. Any other drinks I can try. How do I fiure out my limit?

My average is skrewdrivers 8 2 hrs. Tequella sunrise 6 2 hrs. I like to drink used 2 go out every weekend. Now Hubby doesn't like it. He is a buzz kill. How do u know what ur limit is? When I went out w/ ex we had 4 drinks @ 1 bar then went 2 bar #2 & had more. I have no idea what my limit is. I only drink now 4x a yr. birthday, thanksgiving, x-max, new yrs. I usually drink till everything spins. I like the dizzy feeling. I only drink when I know I'm home 4 the night & I give my keys to my mom. She does't mind me drinking only hubby does!


I am 26.I used to drink everyweekend but when I met him he said "NO BARS." He didn't care if I drank @ home but now he does he's changed. I compromised w/ him that I could drink @ home & not go out. Was fine now not! When I do drink I can sometimes get a buzz but then he comes into the room & says " ur an alcky." Even calls his sisters an alcky when they drink. He don't drink so I'm NOT ALLOWED to! When I drink my mom doesn't care since I'm home but my hubby starts putting me down. I know that I drink my drinks w/ straws maybe that's why I down them fast.I have a bottle right now for the holidays & my hubby says if he even THINKS I'm drinking it's going down the drain. That is not fair. He is 40 & on meds so he can't drink but that should have NO effect on me. I stay in the living room when I drink I'm not even around him but he stills trys 2 control me. Even my mom says that I'm over 21 so I'm legal he responds "she's my wife I tell her what 2 do."

Update 2:

I don't drink shots usually. The only time was a business x-mas party when I had 10 jello shots & 4 shrewdrivers. 2 Of my friends cut me off after that. It was my 1st time being drink. After that I went out w/ ex every friday night. I've tried jack & coke but it burns my throat I drank w/ my brothers that time. I don't like jello shots but definaltey like my skrewdrivers. That's my favorite drink!

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    sit on the beach in cancun and watch the rising sun with a screwdriver in an uncomfortable position. and work it out

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    First I would have to say that your hubby isnt a buzz kill. Thats a lot of drinking.

    I would have to say A Double Cherry Vodka Sour. I say this because it tastes good but once you feel the vodka you will slow down some.

    I like Diet Coke and Jack Daniels. Those you can sip on because the Jack has a little bite.

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    Your limit?

    I reckon anyone who's sole reason for drinking is to get the 'dizzy feeling' (i.e. drunk) you like is on a death wish.

    I don't wish to comment on your relationship with your husband but, surely, you can see he has fears for you, too?

    You don't say how old you are, but reading through your 'brag list' of consumption is like listening to a teenager. There is nothing great about drinking until you are incapable of functioning.

    I am not against drinking, and drink most days myself. However I've been around long enough to have seen the effects excessive drinking can have on relationships, happiness and wealth.

    I have lost friends to alcoholism and seen many others ruin their lives. You can't blame advertising, or the drink itself...any bad effects that alcohol gives (and they are legion) comes from its misuse.

    Take stock of your life. What do you look forward to? A life with a husband and family, or a life of missing memories caused by drinking yourself into a stupor because you have too much? Limits are things you should willingly set yourself, so that you don't wind up on a bar room floor, or vomiting in the street, or causing embarrassment tio your loved ones, or...well you get the picture.

    I hope you can see your way clear to changing your life for the better. There's no need to give up alcohol altogether, but even less need to waste your life in pursuit of drunkeness.

    Good luck,


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    I think having 6-8 drinks in 2 hours is WAY TOO MUCH, hunny!

    Try limiting your amount of drinks to 2 per hour. Sip slowly and make one drink last 30 minutes.

    Other good drinks are margaritas and daquiris, but remember when the drink tastes really yummy, you are going to drink them faster. So just stick with the screwdrivers and only drink 2 per hour.

    Good Luck, and Merry Christmas

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    It is easy to drink too much with shots, especially if you drink them in a rapid succession. You should drink as much as is still fun, if you ask me. If you drink even when it ceases to be fun, that makes no sense at all, does it?

    Try to be active when you are drinking, as if you stay very still, you don't really realize how drunk you are, and it hits you all at one go.

    I recommend fun drinks that involve turning it on fire- like the Sniffer (though I hear some people don't like it).

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    try peach shnapps(sp?) and cranberry juice. You can drink this the whole night. Tastes liek hawaiian punch

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