HELP!!! can someone pls ans my question??

what does a radiologist do?

can I be one if I have never study biology before except chemistry and physics?

I'm willing to buy some biology textbooks and study biology if there's a lil bit of biology involve....but if radiology is 70% about biology, I'm thinking of majoring in other subjects....

are there any jobs that only involve chemistry and physics or may be a lil bit of biology??? ( NOTE: I'm not interested in any business related jobs like economist, accountant.)

what does a chemist do?


what does a physician do?

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    "Radiology is the specialty directing medical imaging technologies to diagnose and sometimes treat diseases. Originally it was the aspect of medical science dealing with the medical use of X-rays emitted by X-ray machines or other such radiation devices for the purpose of obtaining visual information as part of medical imaging. Today, following extensive training, radiologists also direct other imaging technologies (such as ultrasound, computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging) to diagnose or treat disease. Interventional radiology is the performance of (usually minimally invasive) medical procedures with the guidance of imaging technologies. The acquisition of medical imaging is usually carried out by the radiographer or radiologic technologist. Nuclear medicine is the use of unsealed radiation sources within the body."

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