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Best military prank?

The military is known to pull good pranks.

NCO send and Airman to get 100 yards of flight line. Airman knows the Joke and gets a truck and fills it with Asphalt and brings it back. NCO freaks out think the runway is detroyed. :)

Best military prank get 10 points. or list the ones you have gotten someone with. K9P, ball bearings for muffler, blinkerlight fuild, etc.

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    "spark check" Had a noob put his face up to an attack aircraft headlight like he was looking through a window. Told him to focus on the very back of the light and look for a very slight spark. These headlights put out about a billion candlepower and this was done at night. Waited until his eyes were well adjusted to the darkness by asking him, "see it yet?" After about 1 minute, flipped on the headlight. He was able to see well enough to drive home about 4 hours later. HAHAHAHAH LOLOLOL!!! That one rocks. Another is to send the noob out for an A.S.H. Reciever. (ash tray)

    Source(s): United States Marine Corps. A bunch of a-holes. LOL!!
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    My personal favorite was the exhaust samples.

    I had a new trooper walking around the motorpool with two garbage bags full of air. Asking the mechanics what to do with them. That was fun. Of course there is the highly deadly blinker fluid. The box of grid squares. Batteries for a chem light (Watch out for these, for they do exist.) A bottle of prop wash.

    I had a first sergeant who wanted to know the NSN for a new Christmas tree. That kept some folks busy.

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    Send someone for Sound Powered Phone Batteries. (Yeah, they really are powered by the sound!)

    Chief needs a left handed monkey wrench.

    New engineman, huh? Let's start your learning of the piping in here by tracing the Handrail Cooling System.

    We would tell a new EN type to find the valve in the engineroom that worked in reverse. You closed it by twisting counterclockwise instead of the normal clockwise. There were easily over a hundred different valves in the engineroom, and one of them was actually a reverse acting valve!

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    I have seen where someone put boot polish on the rubber extended eye relief,external light blocking eyecup, of the non IR night vision settin atop some of the older M4 flattops. thats funny if you are a child, Who in their right mind wants to tick off a man who puts holes in things for a living.

    Just remembered this, but it is not really a prank either, Their is salt peter in the victory punch, thats supposed to keep you from getting it up.

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    Tell a new guy to go over to a SSgt and ask for a Prick E6.

    Send them to the armory to get a BFA for a 9mm and a box of ground guides for the mortar. And my favorite although it may be dated technology wise: Tell the new 2nd Lt. to hold the wires to a field phone and then have someone crank the phone.

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    Tell people when they are having commo problems that the antennea is on the wrong side of their HMMWV

    Ask people for Grid squares, High Angle Primers (the rest of you artillery folks shoud remember these), and things of that nature...

    Who doens't enjoy the reaction of someone woken by an MRE bomb is placed under their HMMWV

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    While in the navy, the R.A.N. I was sent to the Q store for some weights, some long weights. I arrived at the Q store and asked the P.O. for a long weight. Fine he said and instructed me to sit on the bench. 5 minutes passed and he came back and said O.K. that's a long enough wait for you. I looked at him and said I see no long weight P.O. Not long weight he said "Long wait" with that he sent me back to the music school at H.M.A.S. Cerberus. Fair enough he got me I thought. I'll be stuffed if I'm going to put my name to this. Except to say it was in 1980. See if you can work out who I am.

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    i had to get a box of grid squares. others in my unit had to get a a filter for the coke machine, a plane ticket from the first sergeant to go home, a can of beep for the horn, a battery for the chem-lights, and a bolt stretcher.

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    Go to A fem journalist interviewing a militia men from Iraq.Where in he says that I studied from a blo.. american University in Egypt even then u don't get my english.

    Why do I see english subtitles below my picture, don't I speak english.His companion says it is meant for dumb.....Ha Ha Ha..

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    Send the new kid to the admin section for an ID 10 T form.

    id10t = idiot form.

    Source(s): USMC 1986-Present
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