I feel so uncomfortable when I go out alone, Why is it so hard?

I have a really bad startle response where if someone touches me I jump and then I feel ridiculous and start apologizing. I also flinch if someone raises a hand at me to quickly. I have worked and worked at getiing over it. I am in therapy and my therapist knows all the reasons.

I have tried a few things to get out of my fear. I had to serve Jury Duty but I stayed mosty to myself. I think I talked to one person. I have gone for a walk downtown by myself. I had a job but I focus too much on the work and don't make friends...

I was at Church and this really sweet young girl touched my shoulder to say Hi and Welcomed me to the church. I din't see her coming and I ended up scaring her. If I am with someone I feel safe if not I would rather be quiet and work the internet....

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    I use to have this problem. Its a matter of being honest and comfortable with yourself. Take little steps until you are okay with going out by yourself. Have confidence in you ability to make your own decisions. Try to talk to more people on a social level. It will get better with time. There is nothing wrong being quiet. Just don't let your fear rule you.

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    hello little miss irish, i can really feel for u. u have had an abusive life, haven't u? at least someone abusive in ur life. i dated a girl for 4yrs that went through a lot of horrible things in her life. i think in hindsight that is partly what attracted me to her. i knew i could give her a relationship with a safe environment (i am big and very strong) so i felt i could protect her from anyone ever harming her again. after awhile she got to where she wasn't jumpy or with drawn around me. she even found she liked to joke around and have fun. it would make me so sad, i couldn't get the demons out of her mind.

    at one moment she was an angry adult, then in a flash she was a happy 6yr old. the doctors said she would go back to before the abuse started. when times was happy. unfortunately i could not save her from herself. she still talks to me about every other day, and i am there for her as a friend. she now goes to church and prays for my happiness for being there for her. ironical she deserves the happiness more than i do. i have seen some of what u go through, not saying i know what it feels like. i hate to see good people hurt so much. her doctor says she needs good friends in her life. so if u need a irish buddy e-mail me.

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    maybe you just get startled at things maybe something scared you and you cant forget about it??

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    you can take me with you

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