What type of lawyer spends the most amount of time at an office, not a courtroom?

On every TV show/movie that involved Lawyers, you see them in the courtroom arguing a case. Personally, I want to be a lawyer that spends more time at the office than public speaking/aruging at the courts. What type of lawyer spends the most time at the office instead of the courts?? Corporate Lawyers?? Intellectual Property Lawyers?? Some people want to argue their case in front of a jury or a judge, I do not. I would like to give people legal counsel but not have to really defend anyone by arguing their case.

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    Corporate Lawyers, In-house attorney. Depending on the firm- tax lawyers, WET Lawyers (Wills, Estates, & Trusts), Patent & Copyright Lawyers. Personal Lawyers (Like Trump's lawyer), and maybe corporate outsource lawyers.

    There are several branches of law you can go into that requires very very little time in the courtroom, possibly none. Besides, if you're a lawyer and you get selected for jury duty, you probably wont be kept long. ;)

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    But court rooms are exciting! How many police officers are involved in high speed chases and shoot outs? My best friend is a cop and he has YET to be in a high speed chase or shoot out. Seriously, how long would a TV show be on if you watched a lawyer reading in his office and talking on the phone for 30 minutes to an hour? BOOOOAAAARRRRIIIINNGGG!!!

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    You are right- it is Corporate Lawyers who spend the least time in the courtroom.

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    Personal Injury most cares are settled out of court and you make 30% of what the injured person recieves in their settlement.

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