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drug formulary?

what exactly is non formulary and formulary drugs?? is it brand and generic

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    Drugs being brand or generic has nothing to do with whether or not the meds are formulary or nonformulary. Though you probably find that most formulary drugs are generic because it costs the insurance companies less to pay for generics.

    There are many considerations the pharmaceutical and therapeutics committee (P&T committee) must consider before a drug is made into the formulary list-- the most important factor being the cost vs. the effectiveness of meds, then the side effect profile. Once the committee decided on a med (whether brand or generic) to be formulary, the patient may still choose other meds that has the same treatment indication but not on the list but it may cost them more.

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    I think its fancy names from the insurance companies for generic and name brands..also sometimes it also means a drug that they may or may not cover for a particular illness..example..there are lots of antibiotics..your insurance co. select some that they'll cover and not cover the rest..the ones they don't cover are called non-formulary under my plan..and if you really need that drug, your MD has to jump through hoops to get the insurance co. to cover it...lots of forms etc.... isnt this just the best fun??

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