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indoor riding arena?

whats the cheapest type of building for riding arenas

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    No especially cheap way to build an arena. 100' x 200' is a good servicable size. Quonset huts are probably the least expensive. They come in two shapes - the 1/2 cirlce and the newer style with straight walls and a curved roof - looks like a loaf of bread.

    They are probably the easiest to ship and bulid, making them relativley inexpensive. A bigger expense can be the grading and prepping of the area where you plan to out the arena. The footing and base are also very pricey. Do you want sand, fibre,wood,rubber etc as the footing? How many horses will be in ti per week? Are you jumping, dressage, barrels? All needs to be taken into consideration. That is the top layer, the base is just as important. On top of the native soil (which has been scrpaed and rolled) will be layers of crushed stone and depending on what you are using the arena for will determine how thick you need to go - ie. jumpers need a deeper base than pleasure horses. If you skimp on the base you are looking at wet spots, frost, heaving etc in your footing. Lots to think about.

    Look at this website

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    There is a new style out called a "Cover All".

    These are quickly growing in popularity, are easy to put up in a short amount of time. Are great for ventilation etc.

    They put one of these up at the Therapeutic Riding facility I volunteered at and I will most certainly recommend these to anyone and will get one of my own someday!

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    You probably need to Google pole barns and red steel barns and buildings. There a quite a few style and types.

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