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Did Brigham Young ever proclaim himself to be a God? Mark Twain says....?


sources:Roughing It written by Mark Twain- appendix A- A Brief Sketch of Mormon history.

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    The LDS Church has created a mythical Brigham Young for modern day Mormons.

    "You call us fools; but the day will be, gentlemen and ladies, whether you belong to this Church or not, when you will prize brother Joseph Smith as the Prophet of the Living God, and look upon him as a God, and also upon Brigham Young, our Governor” Heber C. Kimball, Journal of Discourses, Vol. 5, p. 88

    Brigham Young Young claimed an infallible prophetic succession as the mouthpiece of God. Read the following statements by Young and decide for yourself if he speaks for God:

    "The only men who become Gods, even the Sons of God, are those who enter into polygamy." 1

    "...the God that I serve is progressing eternally, and so are his children:..." 2

    "Now remember from this time forth, and for ever, the Jesus Christ was not begotten by the Holy Ghost." 3

    "He [God] is our Father--the Father of our spirits, and was once a man in mortal flesh as we are, and is now an exalted being." 4

    "The man Joseph, the husband of Mary, did not, that we know of, have more than one wife, but Mary the wife of Joseph had another husband." 5

    "Who can tell us of the inhabitants of this little planet that shines of an evening, called the moon?...when you inquire about the inhabitants of that sphere you find that the most learned are as ignorant in regard to them as the ignorant of their fellows. So it is in regard to the inhabitants of the sun." 6


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    (6) Brigham Young, Journal of Discourses, Vol. 13, p. 271

    Brigham Young said your own blood must atone for some sins.

    Brigham Young said you must confess Joseph Smith as a prophet of God in order to be saved.

    Brigham Young said his discourses are as good as Scripture.

    Brigham Young said he had never given any counsel that was wrong.

    Brigham Young compared his sermons with scripture.

    Brigham Young said you are damned if you deny polygamy.

    Brigham Young said you can't get to the highest heaven without Joseph Smith's consent.

    Brigham Young said God was progressing in knowledge.

    Brigham Young boasted.

    Brigham Young said that we are obligated to keep all the laws and ordinances of God.

    Brigham Young said Jesus' birth was as natural as ours.

    Brigham Young said that God the Father and Mary 'do it.'

    Brigham Young said that Jesus was not begotten by the Holy Spirit

    Brigham Young taught that Adam was God.

    Brigham Young made a false prophecy?

    Brigham Young comments about blacks...

    see link below

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    Mark Twain, although one of my favorite authors, had a hard time understanding anything in detail about the Mormons. Most of his observations, while humorous, are also superficial. I'd like to point out that Spencer W. Kimball clarified and edited Brigham Young's statements over 25 years ago, but people keep bringing up Journal of Discourses stuff out of context without bothering to read anything new. Because we believe in a living prophet, we go by the most recent prophet's statements. The current prophet is Gordon B. Hinckley. Besides, Jesus Christ already said we are children of God. We're already in the learning stage and part of the race of gods just because we exist. Have a happy day.

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    I've read some of Mark Twains comments on his visit to Salt Lake City, they're actually pretty funny when your familiar enough with our doctrine to know which things are exagerations.

    When you put two and two together it all makes sense why Mark Twain would say that: As Guitarpic said, we believe everybody has the potential to become Gods (in the eons and eons of eternity). So Mark Twain hearing something along those lines would make total sense...and for him to misunderstand what Brigham Young meant would also make sense when you consider that Brigham Young's character was very brash.

    Ultimately the point is, our doctrine does not say that Brigham Young was God. It says he might become one someday (like all of us), but at the time, he was just a man.

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    I don't care what Mark Twain had said about Brigham Young proclaiming himself as a god. He simply misunderstood the prophet's words most likely.

    We believe in the LDS Church that exalted Saints may become as gods dependent on their station and worthiness in the hereafter. That does not mean that anyone can be equal to God the Father or His Son, Jesus Christ.

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    That is one that I was not aware of. The part about Adam being God came out of Brigham's mouth and it is in the Journal of Discourses volume1. Notwithstanding, the present Mormons deny that this is written down!

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    mark twain is a known hater of religion. He does not accurately reflect history. However, that being said, I have no idea what brigham young said. Not sure it matters.

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    People obviously get confused and mix up "being A god" and "being GOD"...not the same thing.

    GOD is our Heavenly Father. Jesus Christ is the LORD of this earth, BUT HE ALSO worships God the Father, He is His God as well as ours.

    BEING a god (notice the no-capped "g") is a future blessing that is possible, NOT definite, for those who gain godhood and are exalted.

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    The Mormon religion is suppose to make you a god in the future to rule your own planet in the future.

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    To Be a God , no. To Become a God, he staed that it was a possiblity.

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