Is it true that by 2020 the earth will be depleted of oil.?

I fount a website that talkes about this .I just thougth this to be important the website is

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    I think you are going to run into issues with this. The reason that you get so many conflicting reports and different answers on this topic has much more to do with economics than what's in the ground.

    Basically, when an oil field is produced, it has to be profitable. Well, as demand growns and supply drops, price increases and fields that were unprofitable become profitable. For example, the Albertan oil sands and Utah/Colorado oil shales are now being investigated for production, and 10 years ago that was unimaginable.

    There are vast reserves of organic material that have petrolium potential. The problem is, all the easy fields are gone, and it gets harder and more expensive. Basically, anyone's 'peak oil' estimate is not much more than that, a guess. It's impossible to know how th emarket will react in the future and how many unprofitable fields will be opened in the future. Take any estimate with a grain of salt.

    Below are some American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG, I'm a member!) links to these issues. If you look at their site more, you may find more info you need. Good luck!


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    No they are wrong. Try to follow this and look for life cycles in nature. It starts with CO2 which u breath out. The environmentalist want u to believe that CO2 has increased by 30% . It is wrong as mother nature has been recycling our air for millions of years. That is not true as the plants recycle our air by a process called photosynthesis. The plants take in CO2 and give us back oxygen. This is the first cycle. but there is another. The CO2 accelerates growth and that means the more CO2 the faster the plants grow. When the frost comes the plants leaves die and they are washed down the river to the delta where they deteriorate into gas,oil,and if for a long time coal. Where do u think the original fossil fuels come from.

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    i trust that is authentic. there'll be an afternoon that the earth will be hit with the help of a remark. besides the indisputable fact that the scientist dont understand at the same time as. basically God knows. first he flooded the earth with water. Noahs Ark save in options. and they have stumbled on data that it extremely befell . scientist stumbled on petrified timber or a shap of a very large boat on correct of a moutain. and it says interior the bible that he will deliver fireplace from the heavens. so thats were the comet is presented in. that's going to land interior the sea some the position.

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    Hopefully by then we won't be reliant on oil, and it won't cause mass chaos when the earth is depelted of it.

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    may be and may be not, it may be just a prediction. The truth will be in the next 14 years.

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    I doubt it will happen that quickly, probably will be gone somewhere in between 2040 - 2100.

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    at the rate of we are consuming it... yep.. probably much sooner too...

  • 1 decade ago frenzy propaganda

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    i sure hope not

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    I hope so.

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