really need ur sincere help its question of life and death?

i use to be a big player and then a girl came in my life who changed me and i fell in luv with her and married her .but we are from different tribes of my country so we coudnt tell her parents that we are married but finally i got courage to go and talk to her father and told him that i luv ur daughter and want to marry her(coudnt tell him the truth coz he would die of shock) .after that meeting he told me to give him some time to think bout it and it was a fair answer for me but next day my wife didnt called me whole day and when she finally called me she told me that i cant talk to her or see her anymore till her father decide anything which could take months or years .now i luv my wife to death and cant live without her . her parents told her if she picks me then they will die so she is scared to make any move and doing what her parents want her to do. but im not gonna live without her.

should i just go to her house and pick her up or should i wait?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Just my opinion... follow your heart, I know that deep down you know whats RIGHT according to what will make YOU happy... I understand that the situation that you and your wife are facing is difficult, but you have to live your life for YOU... Make choices and base your decisions on what makes YOU happy, remember no one else has to wake up everyday in your shoes- no one else lives your life and so you need to take a stand for what you believe in, for what you want. I respect that this situation seems hopeless, but follow your heart, have faith and if its meant to be then it will happen :)

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    First of all, her parents are over zealous and exaggerated. Secondly, do what a man should do, confront the situation, tell the truth and go get your wife. This is not out of disrespect to them but this falls back on the both of you. The two of you should have told the truth and had not with held it. If your wife loves you and you are married , then, you need to tell her parents that indeed that you are married. They won't die, they will just resent the both of you. Eventually, they will get over it. God does not create us as slaves to our parents. Our living destiny is not decided upon our parents , but by God and us. You need to get your wife..

  • well you guys are already married so wouldn;t hurt to go get her and believe me her parents won't die from this they may be upset but will come around with time..... No one needs to let thier parents decide thier future time for you to act like the man you are an GO GET YOUR WIFE and bring her home where she belongs....... If you two where to scared to tell anyone you are married then maybe you should have never done it.....

    Your choice do whatever your heart is telling you to do!

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    Not only should you go to her house and pick her up, you should arrive with the marriage license in your hand (make sure you mayke a copy of it first). If you cant talk to her because they wont let her, simply tell them "this is my wife and I have every right to talk to MY WIFE". I am pretty sure they will look at you like "wtf"? Or they will tell you "she is not your wife!". Thats when you pull out the marriage license. You have to do what you have to do for the love of your life. Whats done is done and there is no turning back!! If she loves you, she will leave with you. If they love their daughter, they will accept you as their son-in-law.

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  • 1 decade ago

    If she loves you then when you show up at her door to pick her up she'll come. Do it. She is an adult and her own person. Screw tribe affiliations. Love supercedes that. Be an man about this and go get your wife. Her parents will get over it, else they have no concern about their daughters happiness.

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    You and your wife need to stop being so afraid. Be a man and start being responsible.Afterall, you are now married and have a wife. You loved her enough to marry her so now you are supposed to be together as man and wife.

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    1 decade ago

    Go get your wife. Her parents aren't going to die. They need to stop already with all the drama.

  • 1 decade ago

    Uh yea, go and get her and tell her family the truth, when it comes to love, tribes or religion shouldnt matter. All that should matter is that you love eachother, and if her parents love her, they will see that.

  • 1 decade ago

    If you are already married to her, just show the marriage license to her parents.

  • 1 decade ago

    well, first of all think. if u were in her parent's place, would u let ure daughter marry u? also i suggest u go t o them and have a persuading convo. Then WISHING U LUCK!!!!!!!!!

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