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who wote the constitution of the confederate states?

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    I found this on a websearch.

    HOWELL COBB, President of the Congress.

    South Carolina: R. Barnwell Rhett, C. G. Memminger, Wm. Porcher Miles, James Chesnut, Jr., R. W. Barnwell, William W. Boyce, Lawrence M. Keitt, T. J. Withers.

    Georgia: Francis S. Bartow, Martin J. Crawford, Benjamin H. Hill, Thos. R. R. Cobb.

    Florida: Jackson Morton, J. Patton Anderson, Jas. B. Owens.

    Alabama: Richard W. Walker, Robert H. Smith, Colin J. McRae, William P. Chilton, Stephen F. Hale, David P. Lewis, Tho. Fearn, Jno. Gill Shorter, J. L. M. Curry.

    Mississippi: Alex. M. Clayton, James T. Harrison, William S. Barry, W. S. Wilson, Walker Brooke, W. P. Harris, J. A. P. Campbell.

    Louisiana: Alex. de Clouet, C. M. Conrad, Duncan F. Kenner, Henry Marshall.

    Texas: John Hemphill, Thomas N. Waul, John H. Reagan, Williamson S. Oldham, Louis T. Wigfall, John Gregg, William Beck Ochiltree.

    Link is:

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    The person most closely associated with the authorship of the constitution was Thomas R. R. Cobb. There were actually two constitutions, a provisional one and a permanent one. They both borrow heavily from the U.S. version with some language from the Articles of Confederation so "authorship" was limited.

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    here's a link

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