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why does the United States postal service make an Eid stamp? Eid is a Muslim holiday. esp. in light of 9/11?

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    The United States Post Office does not discriminate on the basis of religion. There are plenty of good Muslims in the United States.

    Remember, 9/11 was the work of madmen. The mere fact that they claimed to be Muslims or are assocaited with certain countries does not mean all Muslims or everyone in those countries is bad.

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    I am sure there are many reasons as to why and there is obviously not one correct answer. The thing is that you can say the exact same thing for Catholics who celebrate Ash Wednesday and Good Friday. Both are major Catholic holidays of course, but it is not observed nationally, unless you live in a place where the majority is Catholic. I am sure there are places in the United States that do close on those holidays mainly because there is a high population of Muslims in the area. I would assume places such as Dearborn, MI close their stores, schools, etc. to observe the holidays. You have to keep in mind that not every single person in the United States is a Muslim. You could argue that Christmas is a national holiday, but let's not forget that while Christmas is a Christian holiday, it is also a secular holiday. Just my take on the topic.

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    I just received a Christmas greeting from one of my Muslim friends in Baghdad. Why is there so much animosity towards Muslims. The vast majority of Muslims are not anti-American, and certainly not as anti-Christian as our own politicians.

    Last year I received a Christmas greeting from this same person. The greeting said: "Just say Merry Christmas". The Muslims can't understand why people in the US say happy holidays, rather than Merry Christmas. They are not politically correct, and they are not opposed to Christmas, like our own politicians are.

    Don't confuse the terrorists with Muslims, in general. And don't allow yourself to be intimidated by the politicians. We all have the right to say Merry Christmas, or Happy Hanukkah or Happy Ramadan. I don't have a problem with that, do you>

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    I realize all Muslims are not to blame for 9/11 that it was only a few extreme radicals, but it does seem to me to be in very poor taste to have a stamp. Can you imagine having a Japanese or Germany stamp five years after WW II? We try so hard to not offend any group but this seems more like a slap in the face of America to me. For goodness sakes, we were the ones offended that day.

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    It's because our nation lacks its own identity. Also there are a lot of people that aren't established and certain of their own faith that they're threatened that another's belief is going to rub off one them. So being the GREAT country we are, we need to try to please everyone. Unfortunately it's a vicious cycle that only shifts the inequality from one minority to another. For instance, instead of erasing hate toward minorities, we've made it illegal for whites to use slandering racial terms, but there aren't any laws against minorities using them against whites. I don't mean to stereotype, as I know not everyone in a minority does this, but they abuse their ability to get away with it. When a black guy kills another black guy it's just murder, but if a white guy kills a black guy its a hate crime. Maybe I'm just stupid, but murder is murder and bred from hate, period. Minorities have that card to pull. "It was done because I'm black, or I'm gay, etc, " and this makes it worse. Why? Saying the above is basically the same as admitting that you are inferior and you have reason to be treated unequally. Why should anyone be treated special unless they are? Like Carlos Mencia says, "De de de."

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    Its the Politically correct thing to do....Maybe that's why we can't have the Nativity scene as a symbol for the celebration of Christmas but we can have the Islamic star and crescent for the Muslim celebration of Ramada in our schools and in public areas.. I thought Christians were the majority in the US.... hmm mm

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    For the same reason The Chicago school system does not allow prayer or christmas traditions practiced in school, but posts which foods served during lunch contains pork products in them, and does not allow pork to be served during the month of Ramadan. Islam is here to stay, folkes!

    Aside from that, Does the government still make money from the post office? and if they do, shouyld they allow themselves to sell religious identifying stamps and profit from them? or is it seperation of church and state only if the government is not making a profit from it?

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    The stamp was released before 9/11 happened.

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    Well !! First of All I must say that 9/11 was a devastating experience for all of us Americans, may they be jews, christians, muslims, hindu, budhist etc. And I am still reluctant to believe that it was done by those terrorists (Bin Laden Party) . Is this official story really true ? Its central assumptions have never been tested by an official government body whose members lack obvious conflicts of interest. There are numerous red flags in the official story, which requires a long series of highly improbable coincidences. Questioning that story is an act of responsible citizenship. And there are so many videos have been reproduced that it really puts a blow on the official story. Please see these links below to further find out what is the reality on the ground. Knowledge is power, get the truth from where you can, may it be Aljazeera or the interent.

    But Afghanistan was attacked and 35000 afghani civilians died to get that one person who was supposed to be the mastermind. We still haven't got him. Then the WMD fuss over Iraq and 56606 people died. look at And look what we have put our country into. Apparently the attack on iraq did not produce what the officials were planning. I know I am paying more for gas. And I Know Iraqis officals that were appointed by USA have better ties with Iran has Syria than what Saddaam had.

    Now, beside the point who did it or not. Let's believe for a moment that those terrorist who were involved in 9/11 were muslims by their relegion. It is true that we use the term "Muslim Terrorist" as oppose to saying simply terrorist. The reason behind it is that the terrorist who are muslim usually use their relegion to justify their actions. However, I still find it strange when I see in Ireland we dont say christian terrorist there, Although, we know it is struggle based on relegion.

    Well! Let's assume that we have these muslim terrorist that really dont want to see us (or USA) flourish, and they are trying to avail every opportunity to hurt us. This ought to make us get scared by all muslims living around us.

    But the common sense prevails, there are 2 billion muslims in the world. And there are few thousand terrorist who claim to be muslim and claim what they are doing are based on their relegious believe. Then it should be happening left and right in every country that is primarily not a muslim country. if it is based on relegion, ask ourselves why it was so easy to create an East Teemore as an independant state for Christians in Indonesia. And Indonesia is top first and biggest country in terms of muslim population. And why it (the independance) has not happend in Palestine, Kashmeer, and Chechnia. Because the states that are controlling those areas are calling all those unfortunate struggling muslims as terrorist on the same pretext of 9/11.

    Any sane person, would really understand that among two billion muslims and majority of them are peace loving and we have around 7 million muslims in the USA. How many muslims who lived in the USA harmed the country. May be not that many as their Christian or Jew counter parts. Instead, they were harrassed and put into jails for months without telling what their convictions are with the so called no so patriot act. And any person with a muslim name regardless of its ethnic background got investigated till today. Trust Me!! The muslims around the world may not have been hurt for this 9/11 incident as the muslims who lived in the united states got affacted. And you can see the answer of that statement in your own question. The muslims are contributing to the society, through eductional institutions, science, finance and pretty much every field. Should we not recognize their relegion as we are recognizing Christians X-Mas, Jew's Hanukka, Aferican Kwanza etc. being a secular state? Indeed America is made up of world communities and hence we all Americans need to show more patience and respects for others. That is what makes us different from the rest of the world.

    And as far as post office printing those stamps, one thing you ought to know, that post office does not print stamps if they are not sold with at least 1 million mark on its inaugural year. Obvieousely there are 7 million muslims living here. They got sold.

    Finally, I say we are diverse community, joined with one common bond, that is humanity and we uphold the law and serve america the best we can. And most importantly, patience and getting along with each other regardless of color, race, relegion, or region makes us Americans.

    And I am proud to be an American who happens to be a muslim living in peace and harmoney among my christian neighbours and jews as my employers. My children go to a Hindu family to play. It gives me immense pleasure when I see those stamp made based on my relegious holiday. An identity within an identity.

    - Azhar

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    Because there are good muslims too...

    The entire set of people don't deserve to be punished because others want to twist their religion around to satisfy their own mistaken beliefs.

    The US is a melting pot of people from all over the world. It is our greatest treasure. Why not put a muslim holiday on a stamp?

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    Muslims didn't attack on 9/11, terrorists did. there are 5 million Muslims in the US that are all just as much a part of the country as you.

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