Can you explain the collapse of building 7 without break the laws of physics?

The laws of physics never change. How could building 7 have collapsed without a controlled demolition?


Hey, mnvike watch who you call names because a plane did not crash into building 7. If falling debris caused the collapse, why didn't it collapse the closer smaller structures around it.

Update 2:

Not one person has accused any firefighters with any crimes. Your creating strawmen now. Strawman - a weak or sham argument set up to be easily refuted.

You make up lies and/or listen to other peoples lies, no matter the merit, simply to discredit the movement.

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    Controlled demolition doesn't violate the laws of physics. Neither does 'pull it'.

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    Popular Mechanics has explained this very thing:

    It's on Page 5.

    FIRE STORM: WTC 7 stands amid the rubble of the recently collapsed Twin Towers. Damaged by falling debris, the building then endures a fire that rages for hours. Experts say this combination, not a demolition-style implosion, led to the roofline "kink" that signals WTC 7's progressive collapse. PHOTOGRAPH BY NEW YORK OFFICE OF EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT

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    The massive stress of air moving at great speeds at angles that had never been anticipated in the construction of the buildings.

    The massive stress of the foundation being moved with the incredible impact of having millions of tons of two enormous buildings coming down quickly.

    The wieght of the rubble pressing and compacting the earth around the foundations of the building sending sysmic shock waves throughout the structure.

    The flaws that had existed, as in every aged building, were transformed by all these factors that had never been anticipated when it was constructed.

    And by the by, all these 'conspiracy theories' have been traced back to the Middle-East Terror groups, in a divide and conquer propoganda campaign. The onus of proof is on the conspiracy theorists and they have failed to prove anything.

    The truth stands that the suicide bombers created a situation of such destruction it had never been experienced nor anticipated in the construction of these buildings. NATO was attacked.

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    lol people who argue stuff like this are retarded. science is just that- science. there are so many variables when a plane smashes into a building at 400 miles an hour you cant figure out exactly how the building will collapse by doing a simple equation or two. i know you conspiracy theorists think youre pretty smart, but youre really not. give it a rest.

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    It had several tons of buildings 1 and 2 fall down on it causing massive structural damage. The resulting fires eventually weakened it to the point of collapse. Why is this so hard to accept?

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  • Explain the San Francisco earthquakes!

    Were THEY done by controlled demolition?

    Did George Bush plant explosives under the city to kill all of the homosexuals???

    Think about it...

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    Controlled demolition.

    Big insurance dollars were to be had.

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