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i have strong fetish of lift and carry and i want to heal it how can i do that ?

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    Does this interfere with your ability to reach orgasm with a partner (if the lift-and-carry aspect is NOT present)?

    Do you need to think of the lift and carry in order to climax when you're alone (masturbate successfully)?

    If not, then it's not a true fetish and is just a sensual preference.

    I don't see that the lift-and-carry is one which many women would be too averse to, unless it is combined with other more painful things (like fainting, getting knocked out, etc).

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    I'm not sure I understand your question, but I do know one thing:

    A fetish is not a disease to be cured or an injury that needs to heal. If it is interfering with your life, talk to a therapist, but remember, if it is something that turns you on, there are almost certainly others who share your fetish.

    Things which would send me screaming are turn-ons for others, and things I like would send others screaming. That's the way it is. While I don't recommend telling everyone you meet what your fetish is (and "lift and carry" gives me no clue!), try to remember that many, many people have fetishes, and they don't need to be "cured," unless they hurt others when acted upon.


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