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中翻英 請各位大大幫忙小弟把這一段中文翻成英文




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    In recent years, our school builds many new buildings, completing engineerings such as dormitory, machine, electronics, electrical engineering department building, book cultural object building, road in the wreath school and the work learning center area etc.s successively, the geography, geography of the school all has a very big change, and also gradual already set, the fluctuation of the future will unlikely too big.After experiencing each engineering construction, our school follows the level that the road builds up in the wreath school to order in times before how the high distance variety is, deserving research and inquiring into, having already had before two period data, so this special subject will make use of on waiting for the precise level diagraph method, will three expect to measure the result row form comparison, by bad at all point and high distance the value can understand our school in recent years of earth crust variety condition.


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    In recent years, this school built on a large scale, successively has

    completed the student's dormitory, the machinery, electronic, the

    electrical engineering department hall, the books cultural relic

    building, the link school path and project and so on labor academy

    area, the school terrain, the landform has the very big change,

    moreover also gradually finalized, the future change will not send too

    in a big way. After experiences each engineering construction, this

    school first the front link school path establishes how 水準點 is

    the elevation change, worth studying and the discussion, before had

    two issue of materials, therefore this topic will use one and so on

    the precise level measuring technique, will tabulate three issue of

    surveys achievements compares, might understand earth's crust of

    change condition this school recent years difference of value by each



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