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Tragedy on Mt. Hood....?

It is terrible what happened to the climbers on Mt. Hood, but my questions are: Does Mt. Hood have snow all year round, or will the snow melt in the spring?, and do you think they will make a movie out of this?

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    First Full Disclosure:

    I have climbed Mt Hood. I know what is up there on that mountain. The snow will melt next summer.

    Now my comments.

    There is a rule that rescue personnel are not required to help people during a hurricane. There should also be a rule that rescue personnel should not be required to help people during a stowstorm in DECEMBER.

    I hope they never make a movie, but I do know that they made a web site.

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    i live in sandy oregon, its at the base of MT hood. yeah its a really terrible what happened to the climbers. yes MT hood has snow all year round. just not as much in the summer time. the snow will start melting in the spring. they may make a movie ABOUT people getting lost in the snow. maybe not about these climbers tho.

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    We just moved from from Gresham, Oregon (about 30 minutes from Mt. Hood) 4 years ago to Ohio. It sure is flat around here.

    Mount Hood gets snow as early as September in a cold fall and it can hang around through spring. On the way up to the lodge the snow gets piled up off the roads up to the tree limbs, it looks like 20-30 feet high.

    There are great places to ski and snowboard but there are definitely dangerous areas as well. This tragedy is just another in a long list for that mountain. I thought they made carrying a tracking device a requirement though?

    That part of Oregon is beautiful in the winter and in the middle of summer (July-August).

    Movies? Who knows.

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    Here's the tragedy: That so much public treasure was spent looking for three knuckleheads that decided to speed hike a very dangerous mountain in December.

    Your answer: Mt Hood is a glaciated stratovolcano. Snow stays on the top all year around. It mostly disappears on the southeast to southwest sides except for the very top. The northwest to northeast sides are heavily glaciated with the snow fields extending from the 11,000 foot top down to about the 7,000-8,000 foot level even in August. Our three climbers went up a more difficult route on the north side. Dumb, dumb, dumb!

    Will they make a movie out of this? God, let's hope not but it will probably happen.

    Source(s): For the past ten years I've flown my airplane within a mile of Mt Hood about twice a month at about the 10,000 foot level.
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    yes it has snow all year but the amounts change some does melt but not all No movie please

    my question is why do tax payers have to pay for rescue equipment like helicopters and airplanes for 3 idiots who feel like climbing a mountain without enough equipment no rescue radios not much food come on even a very very experianced climber would account for the chance of a slower trip up or down and bring more food and a radio for emergency help all they had was a stinkin cell phone come on if they do however make a movie it should be called How not to climb Mt Hood the do's and dont's of mountain climbing The idiot story

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    No. A drunk driver hitting and killing an innocent person is a tragedy. A plane crash it a tragedy. School bus accidents are tragedies.

    This Mount Hood thing is predictable. If any of the three came to any one of us before they went and asked "hey do you think I should walk to the top of Mt Hood?" I believe a very high percentage of us would tell them they were crazy and not to do it.

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    I am just glad that none of the rescue personnel came to harm. Those who go hiking in that area at this time of the year are looking for trouble so why should the tax payer foot the bill and the rescue personnel risk their lives to save them from their own folly?

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    for my section they did some thing rather silly: they climbed a mountain in iciness making use of a manner referred to as "Alpine ascent", meaning "as gently geared up as achievable", because of the fact they wanted to make the ascent "as quickly as achievable". Given the reality the components on mountain tops can grow to be nasty in short order it became silly to aim this ascent right this moment of the 12 months without flares, extra suitable foodstuff, extra suitable outfits for frigid circumstances, gas for fires, radios or extra suitable cellular telephone batteries, etc. yet another component which could be achievable may be to place emergency ingredients for climbers on the mountain, and for the climbers themselves to have GPS locators on them so as that they could be placed in an prompt instead of having to look all over the mountain for the survivors. a number of those issues could probably grow to be rules because it would save lives.

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    Awful awful tragedy. Yes bound to be a movie.

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    the snow melts, and the movie is in the can.

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